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If you are a student, preparing a speech for a class can be a terrifying experience. It has to follow the proper speech structure, needs to be based on an interesting topic that keeps the audience’s attention, and requires proper presentation skills. Not to mention the fact that his is before you have to get up in front of the audience and read it! If you lack the time or experience to write a persuasive speech that makes a good case, or an informative speech that teaches your peers how to do something properly, the speech writing services of offers affordable prices for speech writing. Just ask, “Could you do my speech for me?” and we’ll put you in touch with a speech writer who can write you a superb, custom-written speech! We will provide you with more details about how you can order a custom speech, but first let us look at how to properly write one.

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Writing the introduction to your speech

In terms of the speech structure, the introduction is important for several reasons. First, as you are giving a public speech, it gives you an opportunity to hook the audience before you state your topic. It is the first impression that they are getting, so you want to make it count. It also highlights the main ideas about the speech, the reasons why your topic is relevant to them and why they should care about it. In addition, a good introduction establishes your credibility as an informed speaker on this subject.

You might want to start your academic speech with a compelling quote. Or you might ask a provocative question, bring up a surprising statistic, or tell a humor story that sets the right tone.

After you state the topic of the speech, it is essential that you explain why the audience should regard the subject as salient. As you think about the speech structure and planning your message, it is also important that you keep in mind the audience that will be listening to your speech. For instance, if you are talking in front of a group of college peers, you will need to provide more context since you cannot assume they are fully knowledgeable. On the other hand, if you are speaking in front of a group of professionals, you will need to use more sophisticated and technical language. If you happen to be highly knowledge about the topic, you should state your background and even accomplishments (i.e., you could mention some of the research that you have published). In addition, you should provide the audience with a preview of your main ideas (imagine it like being in the form of three bullet points) so that they know what to expect.


Get well-written speech body from our professional writers

The body portion of the speech is where most of the meat is. Having already introduced yourself as well as your topic to the audience, they are now primed to hear you out. Much like in an essay, you will present your main points one-by-one. You can do this by stating a topic sentence. The points should be organized in a way that leads to a proper link between each of them. Use transitions to create a good flow and logical progression. Limit your points to just a few (three to four) since you will confuse your audience and loss their attention of you are bombarding them with a dozen different points. It is better to devote a significant amount of time on just a few points versus stating many points but not being able to go into detail.

Writing a speech conclusion

Your conclusion is the last thing that the audience will hear, so you want to go out on the right note. Start by summarizing your main points one last time, restate your thesis, explain why the topic was worthy of discussion, and tell them what steps they can take to move the ideas forward. In other words, it serves as a call to action or otherwise gives the audience a reason to apply your ideas. Of course, you should also always end your speech by thanking the audience for listening.

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