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Studies show that 78% of all higher education students are enrolled in at least one online course and a lot of them need discussion board post help. Unlike the traditional academic settings, these students do not have a chance to raise their hand to ask a question, nod their heads in agreement when a student makes an excellent point, or come up to the auditorium at the end of the lecture to chat with the professor. Instead, the only interaction they can have is through a discussion board post.

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What are discussion boards exactly? They provide a platform for learning when you are taking online courses. It allows students to engage with each other, ask questions and offer comments. In addition, they serve as a way to turn in class work. Online discussion board assignments can involve a reflection on a reading or include short-answer questions about the class material. Ultimately, when assignments require an answer via discussion board post, it used to assess your knowledge in the same way as an assignment submitted by hand.

If you need discussion post writing help, here is some advice from the experts at EssaysProfessors.com

    1. Carefully examine the task requirements:
      An obvious strategy of success is to make sure you actually understand what the instructor wants. Aside from understanding the question, you would want to make sure you are not going over or excessively under the word limit.

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      Evidence is important:
      When the task calls for you to defend an argument, it is not enough for your answer to be based on speculation or unsubstantiated claims. Back up all arguments with credible sources. Even if the assignment does not require a source, including a quote from a reputable online newspaper or journal will leave a great impression. Of course, just like with an essay you would want to cite your source so that you do not stand accused of plagiarism.
      Also remember that the point of a discussion board is to engage with your instructor and classmates. This means responding to the original comment, reply to subsequent comments, and starting a new conversation yourself.
      Do not simply state, “I agree” or “You are wrong” and leave it at that. Truly develop a position that encourages spirited but civil debate.

    3. Do not wait until the last minute to post:
      When your instructor or classmate posts a conversation topic, there will likely be a deadline after which the comments will be closed. If you wait until the very end to post something, it will feel forced since you had to rush to write something and will not likely contribute much to the discussion. Posting token comment is not going to cut it in the mind of your instructor.

    4. Contact your instructor via email when in doubt:
      If you are not certain about the requirements of a certain message board assignment or your comment is being greeted by silence, you should get to the bottom of this. Perhaps you and your classmates are all confused about what you are supposed to be doing.

  1. Avoid slang and acronyms, and be mindful of your tone:
    Do not treat a class message board the same way you would treat a Reddit post. Avoid all those lols, ttyl, and other shorthand Internet jargon. Use capital letters, full sentences, and proper punctuation. USING ALL CAPS AS WELL AS A BUNCH OF EXCLAMATION POINTS IS ALSO INAPPROPRIATE!!! Cussing and personal insults are obviously off-limits as well. Remember that this is intended to be just as academic as turning in a paper. An occasional smiley face is fine, but generally limit your use of emojis, even the unicorn one. Sorry. Finally, your messages might be taken the wrong way if you are not careful about your tone.

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