Learning management software enables students to gain valuable learning experiences that have practical implications. Some of the best options that make the studying process more effective include writing assignments that pertain to a particular topic according to lesson plans. Teachers, administrators, advisors, and other parties interested in maximizing the positive effects of studying use a learning management system (LMS). This reliable application has the best learning functions that help organize educational courses and training programs by uniting them in one platform. Overall, it is a great tool for achieving learning goals.

LMS Features that Increase Efficacy of Studies

  • Easy access to accounts and cloud profiles for students;
  • Timely pop-up notifications that inform students about scheduled discussions, available previews, and more;
  • A built-in calendar that allows adding, monitoring, and following important events;
  • A possibility to create content, manage texts, and increase students’ engagement through improved online classroom options;
  • A gamification feature integrated with an e-commerce feature;
  • An option of tracking activities related to program enrollments, retention center, and other forms of participation;
  • Reliable access to courses, social learning features, and other options that help customize learning experiences;
  • An advanced integration scheme that assists with proper data and group management with simplified grading strategies, and Blackboard drive;
  • An ongoing activity stream that prioritizes items according to required attention.

Powered Learning Management System at EssaysProfessors.com is a system for schools and teachers to organize live classes, recorded classes, subjective tests, proctored objective assessment.

It deals with the educators which are getting hampered due to the current lockdown. It is an online platform where the academics can continue just the way it used to happen earlier, teachers can send assignments, organize video lectures.

If the students get stuck to free platforms for studying, the teacher's own learning content will be delivered to students in the form of videos, assignments, etc.

Teachers can record lectures, assignments for students if they do not want to use free tools such as whatsapp which causes loss of privacy.

The Learning Management System is the right solution that can meet the needs of all participants in education processes. Such platforms ensure that academics get conducted in the same classroom mode.

Stream Recorded Video Lectures

Teachers can record videos in the comfort of their homes and share them with students. It will ensure that learning happens in the same way as before.

Live Video Classes

Teachers who are equipped enough can take live sessions for better learning.


Narrative assignment or homework helps teachers in assessing what was taught in the lecture, students submit the assignment after completing it.


Assessments come with the right analysis to show student weak points to work upon.


Comprehensive banks of questions, videos curated just to help out schools.

4 Main Advantages of the LMS Platform for Schools

  • Engaging and effective learning processes

An LMS can be used in schools to expand learning opportunities with innovative technologies. For instance, an interactive training program can be designed faster with the help of an application online. Also, teachers can use gamification to give and count points, badges, and trophies that make online lessons more interesting by adding an element of friendly competition.

  • Improved interactions between students and teachers

A learning management system resolves the issue of inconsistent communication between teachers and students by helping to organize interactive learning sessions. They enable learners to get clarifications regarding different topics, instruction points, deadlines, and other matters. The use of an LMS has shown good communication patterns and interaction tendencies.

  • An easy tool to manage eLearning materials

Not only schools but also colleges and universities apply an LMS to manage and update different materials. This software helps students use learning time more effectively and save money on course-related materials because they can find everything on a single platform.

  • A simplified process of assessing performance

It is essential for schools and other educational establishments to monitor and assess academic performance. In this regard, an LMS is an amazing option to get detailed information on students, their activities, completed tasks, and grades. An application also has an automatic grading system that helps measure progress based on individualized quizzes, tests, multimedia, and interactive questions in a matter of seconds.

Criteria to Focus on when Choosing an LMS

An LMS is a preferred application by many because it meets important criteria that guarantee its effectiveness and reliability. Many educators recommend a learning management system because of its evident benefits:

  • Vast integration options. A good application is valuable when it can be integrated with other useful platforms for learning and development. This criterion is essential because it helps students stay connected through other online learning content platforms and explore their potential.
  • An intuitive user interface. An interface should be easy to use and navigate since people may need to check and develop materials. It should also be visually appealing for users to enjoy the learning process even more.
  • Fair prices. An LMS should provide an extensive selection of online learning materials and be equipped with tools for creating content and pre-made programs to be worth the price for it.
  • Usability options. An application should work on different devices to make the educational process convenient regardless of the time and place students choose to study.

In choosing an LMS, a school's values, culture, and resources are equally important as the criteria. Thus, before deciding on using an application, it is essential to consider other factors:

  • Accessible extended options and limitations as well as maintenance requirements and application support.
  • The fact is whether there are any student groups that may face barriers that prevent them from using an LMS and gaining online learning experiences.

The educational sector has successfully used a learning management system for innovative learning content solutions, performance assessment, and access to academic resources gathered in one place. It is also a great advantage for teachers and students to rely on different functions that continue to improve and create new opportunities for learning.

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