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Questions-Answers Samples 


Describe Diabetes Management Programs and whether They are Efficacious

Diabetes is an illness affecting people with high ranges of sugar in their blood as a result of inadequate production of insulin or reduced response of body cells to insulin. Diabetes management programs are insights developed to help those suffering from diabetes in an attempt to curb prolonged effects of the disease (McFarlane, 2012).

Diabetes management programs are guidelines presented to diabetic people to implement in their day-to-day lives. These programs may be rather efficient when practiced accordingly, and they go a long way to ensuring people suffering from diabetes stay healthy. Since diabetes poses a significant threat to the heart, one needs to manage their cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. Read more


How has globalization contributed to an increase in crisis events? How should companies decrease these risks in order to prevent a crisis from occurring within their organization?

The processes of globalization are concerned with the systems, sectors, countries etc. being connected, which can no doubt advance the development of the communities. However, according to the OECD (2011) this interconnectedness and interdependence lead to the global economy being more vulnerable to economic shocks and crises. Thus, local problems with the globalization become the global ones. One of the evident examples on how globalization contributed to the crisis events is the financial crisis, when the resilience of one financial system is highly dependent on others. In order to prevent the crisis the companies should take into consideration new systemic risks, ensure proper risk-management system and diversify the dependency on others (especially regarding the strategic resources). Read more


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Helpful and Practical Tips to Assist with Short-Answer Exam Questions:

  • Every question requires a short answer

Consider that there are special assignments that comprise the questions broken into
several parts in which each requires a short and coherent answer. Such tasks are referred
to as short-answer exam questions.

  • Attention and carefulness are of great significance

In order to give answers to exam questions, you should carefully and attentively read
every question and to consider each process word. You should avoid providing irrelevant
or unnecessary information in your answers. You should always focus on clear, short, and
understandable answers.

  • Provide examples

You should avoid rewriting the questions provided. You should get right to the needed
point. You ought to use special terms to show that you are well knowledgeable about the
material learnt. The key emphasis should be made on different examples, either from real
world, class experience, literature, etc. Your teachers are very eager to check your
abilities and skills to apply all the theories and material learnt to real situations.

  • Who, what, why, as well as how

You should always try to give answers to such questions, as who, what, why, and how.
You should avoid applying untruthful, vague, unreliable, misleading, or not up-today
information in your answers. You ought to be prepared to defend each statement with
corroborative facts, pieces of evidence, or statistics.

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