How to Write a 600-Word Essay on the Internet?

A 600-word essay on the Internet is one of the common assignments given to the students in their high schools and colleges because such an essay aims to check not only the level of the student`s preparation but also their ability to think analytically and evaluate all the benefits and shortcomings of the presence of the Internet in the human life. Since there are many different opinions about this topic, you need to choose your own perspective and build your arguments following this position. For instance, you can write an analytical essay discussing the rise of the Internet technology in present-day society.

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Alternatively, you can create a compare and contrast essay pointing to the main advantages and disadvantages of the Internet technology in human life. Maybe you would like to write a cause and effect essay indicating the main causes and consequences of the quick rise of the Internet technology. No matter the topic you are going to discover, having to write a 600-word essay on the Internet, we recommend you to learn some effective tips, as well as study successful essay examples available on the web. Usually, a 600-word essay follows the classic structure that assumes writing an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

600 Word Essay on Internet

600-Word Essay on the Internet Outline

  1. Your introduction should be clear and engaging providing the reader with the background information, as well as the context for your topic. An introduction always includes a thesis statement that justifies the choice of your topic. If the topic is assigned by your instructor, try to find out the ways on how to make your essay sound interesting.
  2. In your main body, you need to use the approach that will help you develop your topic from different perspectives. Remember that when suggesting some arguments; do not forget to back up them with credible evidence.
  3. Close your essay with a good conclusion that will address all your arguments once again. Pay attention that your conclusion should never introduce a fresh point.

600-Word Essay on the Internet Writing Tips

Let us also provide you with the common tips that will turn the process of writing a 600-word essay into an interesting activity.

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Select a Good Topic for Your Essay about Internet

The rise of the Internet is a very broad topic that will not allow you to discuss it in detail. To get a good result, we recommend you to choose a rather narrow topic and discuss it from different angles. For instance, you may discuss the negative effects of social networks or you can write a “how to prevent cyber crime” essay. When choosing the topic for your essay, make sure to select the one that perfectly fits your research interests. We assure you that selecting the topic that sounds interesting to you, you will make your essay interesting to your reader.

Be Focused

It means that when you write social media and cyber crime essay, you need to discuss only the relevant information and skip the unnecessary details.

Follow the Essays Professors Prompt Precisely

When working on your essay, you need to study the professor`s requirement to make sure all the specific recommendations can be followed.

Don't Forget about Plagiarism Issue

When the paper is written, do not forget to revise it fixing all the controversial aspects and rewriting all the awkward sentences. If you want your essay to bring you the best grade, you should make it free from plagiarism. Thus, we advise you to check your text through the reliable plagiarism checkers available on the web.

To sum up, we assure you that spending enough time and effort, you can make your essay about the Internet truly interesting and engaging. However, you will not get the desired grade by talking only about the benefits of the Internet or stating that the Internet plays a positive role in human life. Think about the negative aspects of this tendency applying your best analytical skills and you will be able to impress your instructor by the non-standard approach to work.

Impact of Internet on Society

Impact of the Internet on Society Essay Writing

If you are asked to develop an impact of the Internet on society essay writing, let us provide you with the piece written by one of our creative writers.

The contemporary world has moved to a new stage of life, where information plays a pivotal role. The modern development of the information society is directly related to the need to collect, process, and transmit vast amounts of information in order to transform it into a product of considerable value. Consequently, this has led to a global transition from an industrial to an information society. The appearance of the Internet has led to a massive increase in international communication in various areas of human life.

It should be noticed that information is one of the most valuable resources of society, along with traditional material resources such as oil, metal, minerals, etc. Therefore, information technology has quickly become a vital impetus for the development of not only the global economy but also other areas of human activity. Today, it is almost impossible to find an area where information technology is not used.

The modern society is characterized by the dominant activity in the field of collection, accumulation, production, processing, storage, transfer and use of information carried out on the basis of computer technology, as well as on the basis of various means of information exchange. The use of open information systems allows improving the mechanisms of governance of the social system, promotes humanization and democratization of society, as well as increases the level of welfare of its citizens. The processes that take place in connection with the rise of the Internet contribute not only to the acceleration of scientific and technological progress, the intellectualization of all kinds of human activity but also to the creation of a qualitatively new environment of the society, which ensures the development of the creative potential of the individual.

When it comes to education, the Internet is a great instrument for obtaining all necessary study materials. In addition, there is a wide range of areas, which one can study easily without going to the library. From law to market research, people can easily broaden the scope of their interests and learn the information that is useful for their personal and professional growth. Moreover, there are various websites dedicated to particular people, events, and places.

For instance, if you are going to visit Paris, you can easily access all the necessary information about this city. There are multiple forums, where people share their opinions and experiences helping each other learn the necessary information. Want to know the recent news about your favorite celebrity? No problem! Following their accounts of Facebook or Instagram, you can find out what this person did last night. Having free access to the large storage of information, you will significantly economize your time comparing to searching for the necessary data in the traditional ways. Working on their school projects, the students now should not go to the libraries since almost all the educational institutions provide them with free access to the online databases where all the necessary information can be found.

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Moreover, with the fast development of the Internet technology, people have access to online education. Now, you can take various courses and even get the relevant certificates without even leaving your room. Indeed, online education is a particularly good option for the people, who have part-time jobs, families, or other reasons that do not allow them to attend the traditional classes. With the help of the Internet, the students and their lecturers find it easy to communicate and discuss their projects on the online discussion boards or through personal chat rooms. Some universities offer distance courses for those, who cannot attend lectures to make the process of the study more convenient for everyone. Finally, the Internet is a perfect tool for those, who want to study in a foreign country, but cannot allow spending much money on living fees.

The advanced development of the Internet revolutionized the entertainment industry making it brighter and more interesting for users. For instance, if you want to watch your favorite movie, you can easily download it in several minutes or just watch it online. If you want to listen to your favorite song, you do not have to search for a person, who has the necessary CD. Just go to iTunes and listen to your favorite music or discover new artists. If you are a game lover, then the Internet will provide you with multiple opportunities to develop your skills and play new interesting games. Numerous smartphone applications will also make your life easier. Do you want to calculate the calories you eat and know how nutritious your food is? No problem! Just download the necessary application, and monitor your nutrition. Do you want to start your day from learning an interesting fact? We assure you that there are a lot of programs that will broaden your worldview. Finally, online dating has made it easier for people to find their soul mates.

To summarize, the virtual world becomes indispensable in human life as it can provide tremendous help in finding information on any issues including medical, domestic, or scientific ones. The essential purpose of any individual is to learn how to use it for a good purpose. One should not forget that aimless fermentation in social networks forms addictions and negatively affects the psyche. It is simply impossible to imagine a modern world without the Internet.

In addition to the fact that the worldwide network is a huge database of information, it also opens up unlimited opportunities for communication with loved ones, making new friends, and get new job acquaintances. Nowadays, people have access to a huge amount of information, virtual libraries, scientific articles, educational materials, and training. It is easier to chat with friends learning about their lives. Social networks and instant messengers provide a wonderful opportunity to communicate with people located in different parts of the globe. The Internet greatly facilitates the exchange of files and information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

If you need to write an essay on advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, we recommend you to read our sample and figure out how to organize your ideas properly.

Thanks to the incredible contribution of the Internet technology to human life, communication and information sharing became much easier. Nobody can deny the fact that the Internet has made our living easier and more interesting. In a present-day society, we use the Internet to communicate with people from different corners of the world. It is not a secret that successful entrepreneurs do their business through the Internet. The Internet has made it possible to learn about the cultures and customs of other people, make new friends, study, and do many other interesting things. With the help of the Internet, we can obtain the necessary information in just a few clicks.

What is more, a lot of new professions appeared in recent decades due to the quick rise of the Internet technology. Every day, the Internet offers a new facility that improves the lives of millions of people, and it is truly great. However, along with all its benefits, the Internet hides many pitfalls and disadvantages such as destroying human relations, free access to dangerous things, increase the level of loneliness, and many others. So, let us find out the key advantages of the Internet, as well as its disadvantages.

Key Advantages of the Internet

First and foremost, it should be said that the influence of the Internet on human communication can hardly be underestimated. Nowadays, people living in different countries can easily reach each other, share their experiences, and discuss important themes. In addition, people living in different states can even see each other without leaving their houses. Having an e-mail address, you can send a letter and be sure that your recipient will get your message in a matter of a few seconds.

Nowadays, every company does its business with the help of the Internet because it offers a wide range of opportunities. The convenient techniques that became possible with the help of the Internet allowed business people to enlarge their sales and attract customers from all over the globe because fast communication in the business world is an integral thing. As for the latest features, one should mention the video chats and conferences that have made it possible for large groups of people to communicate in real-time conditions. What is more, there are a lot of messengers that made it possible to establish global friendship sharing experiences and learning more about the cultures of each other.

Second, free access to information became possible with the help of the Internet. Indeed, when it comes to obtaining new information, the Internet is a fantastic treasure that provides the person with limitless opportunities. Such convenient search engines like Google, Yahoo, and many others are the best providers of different kinds of information.

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Third, more entertainment tools became available with the appearance of the Internet. You have probably noticed that the Internet has become an integral tool in popularizing the multifaceted entertainment industry. Now, with the help of advanced technology, you can follow the life of your favorite celebrity or download your favorite games without any problems. The celebrities and their agents are also widely using the Internet for their promotional campaigns.

Fourth, with the help of the Internet, people can buy various things. Almost all the products are selling online and you can purchase everything, including the exclusive services, in just a few clicks. What is more, you can easily compare prices on different web-platforms to understand which one has the best offers. E-commerce received a lot of facilities because of the Internet growth. Besides, the growth of the Internet has made it possible to transfer money in any country. With the numerous payment systems, you can book a ticket at the concert of your favorite band, purchase the online course, transfer funds, and do many other things that will make your life easier. Some traveling websites offer their help in planning and organizing your trip to any country by booking the tickets and making hotel reservations online. One more source of the information available on the web is blogging. For some people, it is a good source of income whereas others study useful tips and secrets shared by travel bloggers, beauty bloggers, etc. In other words, the Internet has made human life very convenient.

The Internet is a very beneficial tool when it comes to studying. Whenever the student experiences some problems with the tough academic curriculum, the Internet offers a wide range of solutions. The active students widely use the Internet to increase their social connectivity and make new friends. Such social networks as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter make people closer to each other as with their help, people can communicate with foreigners and share their knowledge and experiences. Writing posts on the personal profile can greatly develop the student`s writing skills and become a reason to pursue a degree in journalism or any other related field.

Key Disadvantages of the Internet

Along with all its obvious benefits, the growth of the Internet technology has also many shortcomings that should be discussed. Knowing the dark and ugly side of the Internet will help the person avoid various traps and pitfalls. The recent information that came from Kuala Lumpur about its bloody riots proves that the Internet can become a weapon in the hands of evil people, especially when they use it to reach their cruel goals.

Many students spend much time surfing the web instead of studying. Some of them become addicted to social networks and cannot imagine their lives without scrolling the news feed. By neglecting their studies, students receive failing grades. Spending too much time on social networks, students lose attention and concentration. Unfortunately, ignoring their homework, students fail to obtain necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary for their professional growth. Some adults even neglect important projects and can be punished for that.

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While the Internet has made communication easier, it also gave birth to a brand new negative tendency – cyber bullying. Now, to offend or manipulate their victims, cyberbullies do not have to leave their houses. They pretend to other people, send offensive messages, and humiliate others in the comments fields. One more important disadvantage of the Internet that became more frequent in the recent decade is identity theft. Some cybercriminals steal the logins and passwords of others pretending them. The lonely women can fall into traps of cheaters, who use their despair to make money.

Being addicted to social networks, children cannot communicate with their peers in real-life situations. Unfortunately, children can also access the websites with the forbidden content that will greatly influence their psychological health. The obsession with online games significantly reduces outdoor activity. The contemporary children will not remember how they played on the yards with their peers because they prefer to spend all their time on their laptops. At the same time, constant sitting in front of the screen damages eyes and causes many problems with back, neck, and shoulders. Researchers have proved the direct relation of violent games with deviant behavior in children. Substituting their real-life with the online one, children usually find it very difficult to make friends in the classroom. The rise of the Internet has also contributed to the rise of kidnapping. Recent studies prove that many children tend to reply to messages sent by unknown people. Such behavior is extremely risky when it comes to safety.

With such a great amount of information available on the web, it became easier to misuse it. Moreover, nowadays, having access to a lot of different opinions, finding the truth is truly challenging. Depending more and more on the Internet, people lose their sense of reality. The lack of anonymity in the present-day world is also a huge problem. Whereas millions of fans want to know more about their favorite celebrities, these celebrities are tired from the 24/7 attention. Many people even opine that the Third World war will become possible with the help of the Internet. Indeed, in many countries, people suffer from the lack of accurate information living in the pod created by the military government.

The main disadvantages caused by the Internet are mainly associated with psychological addictions and physical inactivity. With the rise of the Internet, people communicate less in real life, and their communication skills decrease. Therefore, it is particularly important to find a balance between the virtual and the real world. The virtual and real worlds in human life are now polarized as there is an imbalance or a departure from reality due to a large presence on the Internet. Some people have learned to find a balance and use the Internet to achieve their personal and professional goals, advertise, promote a business or socialize with friends, whereas for someone the Internet became a replacement for real life, not a mean to realize life plans. Overall, the role of the Internet in a person's life depends on a certain person, the ability to arrange priorities and make the necessary accents.

Cyber Crime Essay Writing Service

Cyber Crime Essay

If you decided to explore the topic of cybercrimes, look through the cyber crime essay prepared by one of our writing experts.

In a technically advanced society, people use various devices that make their lives simpler and more convenient. In the modern era of globalization, people find it easier to reach each other through online chat rooms or by e-mail. However, the rise of the Internet has shaped the ways in which people interact with each other. As such, whereas some people use the Internet technology to send romantic messages, others use the advanced features in order to commit the cybercrimes affecting the work of huge organizations. Cyber crime is a crime or hazard against a particular company or organization committed with the help of the Internet or mobile technologies.

According to a common cybercrime definition, it is a frequent and very dangerous crime that assumes hacking the digital devices with the vitally important information for evil purposes. In cybercrime, a computer with the Internet is particularly important because it is both a target and an instrument for committing the crime. One needs to understand that cybercrime is a very broad concept that includes viruses, the Internet frauds, cyber stalking, and identity theft. Since in the present-day society, the Internet plays a huge role in human life, the importance of cyber security can hardly be underestimated. Therefore, the security services of many companies are working on the control, prevention and thorough investigation of cyber activities.

A few years ago, cybercrimes were committed only by separate individuals or small groups of hackers. Nowadays, these groups grew into the major networks that commit their crimes even on the government levels affecting the legislatures of the developed countries. Cybercriminals use their knowledge and expertise mainly for making money.

All Cyber Crimes Can Be Devided into Groups

In general, all cybercrimes can be divided into three groups:

  • Cybercrimes committed against individuals;
  • Cybercrimes committed against the property;
  • Cybercrimes committed against the government.

Against Individual

Such a type of cybercrime usually takes a form of cyber stalking, trafficking, or distributing. When the guilt of such people is proven, they are usually sent to jail.

Against the Property

As well as in the real world, when the criminal steals money, a cybercrime assumes taking the property of other people, without their consent of course, with the help of the Internet. For instance, cybercriminals may steal the bank details of their victims and drain off their money. Also, such people cheat others making them send money to their bank accounts or use malicious software in order to gain access to the company`s website to disrupt the systems of the company.

Against the Government

Indeed, such crimes are the most dangerous because they can affect the life of all the citizens living in the country. Cybercrimes against the government are considered as terrorism because in case they are successful, they may cause devastation and panic in the society.

All Cybercrimes Can Be Divided into Categories

All cybercrimes can be divided into several categories in accordance with the nature of the crime. Below, are the most common cybercrimes:


This type of crime occurs when someone steals the important information from the laptop on another person. An unauthorized user gets personal and sensitive information on the person in order to blackmail or intimidate the victim. Such a crime can be committed regardless of the person`s location as it is possible with the help of the Internet.

Electronic Fund Transfer Crime

Committing such a crime, the person gets information about the bank account of the victim, as well as the information about the credit and debit cards. Considering the growing rate of these crimes, people should take care of the security of their payment transactions.

Child Abuse

Cyberbullying is also considered a cybercrime. Nowadays, more and more children become victims of cyber bullies, who tease and humiliate them.

All in all, cybercrime is a common name for all the types of criminal activity carried out using computers and the Internet. Cybercrime can be committed using a variety of methods and tools, such as phishing, viruses, spyware, ransom ware, and social engineering. Most of these instruments are widely used for the purpose of identity or financial theft.

The accelerated development of society, its desire to abolish borders, as well as integration and globalization entail various consequences, unfortunately, not always positive. Numerous advances in science and technology, as well as creation of the worldwide Internet network, have allowed crime to reach a new level and capture cyberspace. Now the criminal does not need direct contact with the victim. Considering all the threats, one should admit that a cybercrime became a huge problem nowadays that require immediate attention. The lawmakers, as well as ordinary people, need to know how to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

We do hope that our cyber crime short essay will help you get new ideas on how to write your paper. Perhaps, you would like to focus on a cyber security essay or write a modern technology essay that will focus on the methods of cybercrimes prevention. Either way, we guarantee that by working hard on your essay, you will be able to complete your task and receive the highest grades.

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