Reliance on AI tools like ChatGPT can lead to poor academic performance. While language-based tools are extremely useful in aiding students with completing their homework assignments, they can also result in numerous failures and low grades. Human-written content is valued the most in the academic field, and language-based tools are not tolerated. Our writing and editing services have explored the current AI trends and the most common consequences. To understand particular aspects, we focus on insights shared by students and professors online because they demonstrate the negative side of chat on the practice of submitting artificially generated papers.

Student’s and Professor’s Perspectives on AI Essay Writing

One of the most popular questions is, “Can ChatGPT do my homework?” Yes, it can, but there is a catch. Our writing platform has gathered a list of the most critical points that surface regarding “nonhuman” content.

Papers Don’t Cover Required Topics

Kip, a college professor

I’ve caught and failed 3 students this semester who tried to use ChatGPT to write their essays, and it was laughably obvious what they were up to. You know how when you type something into a Google search, and Google tries to “auto-finish” the question? That’s all ChatGPT does on a longer scale. It tries to insert the next word that it thinks is most statistically likely, but it doesn’t actually understand the material.

Arguably, AI essay writing is the worst for English literature essays. Numerous cases can support this statement. ChatGPT may confuse different stories, especially when pieces of literature get adapted into movies. One of the examples includes the misfortunes of Odin from The Saga of the Volsungs. In an essay, AI started describing a character from the story but later switched to his version as Anthony Hopkins played it in Thor (2011). Notably, this approach was evident to a professor.

Many students choose to employ professional writers from instead of using AI to ensure that every essay is plausible and deserves high grades. Our professionals are often an answer to the question, “How to humanize ai content?” It is possible to order a text or get it revised in no time.

Easily Spotted Texts

Brian, a university student

I received my first AI-created ‘answer’ at Nursing last week. It took less than 30 seconds to realize the information provided was wrong and another 30 seconds to spot a typical combination of technical terms which characterize Chat GPT texts.

Many students, when they do read responses provided by AI, indicate that they could have written better if they bothered. Language instruments fail to shine when a topic needs a writer to have the background to create an essay. Without going into much detail and understanding connections between ideas, concepts, and notions, ChatGPT can generate a text that is too obvious and lead to students failing their assignments.

If, for any reason, students struggle to complete papers on time, it is a much better option to involve experts with academic degrees and experience. Many customers choose to entrust their assignments to our writers and editors because they have experience in working on various papers and guarantee high-quality content.

Made-up Quotes

Kate, a high school student.

I have friends who use ChatGPT all the time, especially with English homework. I used it for summaries. However, it is incredibly unreliable. I have found out that chat GPT will completely make up the quote when asked to give one. And of course my teacher sees the fake quote and gives the student a bad grade.

Using unreliable sources is one of the major issues when working with ChatGPT and other AI writing instruments. This problem is especially evident when working on research papers, coursework, essays, group projects, and other assignments.

Our writing and editing company does not have such limitations because we employ professionals who always do their research to utilize the right quotes, referencing all authors and page numbers. Our customers can ask writers to add screenshots for more credibility. Overall, the results of professional writing are excellent in terms of providing facts and data to reinforce arguments, theories, and ideas.

AI Essays Don’t Meet Requirements

Anna, a college student, major in nursing.

It’s extremely obvious when a fellow student has used chat GPT to write their essay. It never sounds like the student’s voice and lacks the criteria the rubric requires- such as topic sentences, evidence, and the exact wording teachers want in a thesis statement.

Writing papers from scratch that meet different criteria is expected from every student. Requirements make working on a topic unique and encourage students to share interesting ideas. However, ChatGPT 4 or other versions can only follow some requirement points. Sometimes, instructions may be too confusing. In other cases, they are too specific for AI to generate proper responses without having experience with course materials.

Having a real person look through a rubric is like a breath of fresh air for students. Often, our customers ask us to work on their papers and explain the requirements. Owing to years of experience in academic writing, our experts can easily assist with such matters and ensure the best student outcomes.

Lack of Personal Style

Jeremy, an English professor.

Unimaginative and lazy writing. There is no edge or power in texts generated online. When students submit essays provided by ChatGPT, they lose their personal style. Also, such texts do not fit in with others. Stop it.

There is a consensus in academic circles that an essay written by AI is boring, has many repeated phrases, and lacks individuality. Such papers have other traits that enable readers to identify essays and other papers written by ChatGPT.

When students write on their own or hire essay writers, they can be proud owners of original texts that have a specific style, voice, and can interest readers. It has spontaneity, wit, and a variety of sentence structures that can benefit students and improve their performance.

If You’re Going to Use ChatGPT, Do It Right!

There are several rules that students should follow when they use AI to complete homework. Our writers assist students in their efforts to humanize AI writing and make it sound like a person has created a text.

  • Always read a paper before submitting it.
  • Use tools to check if an essay was written by AI and has plagiarism.
  • Rewrite identified sentences.
  • Double-check all the facts and data generated by a language instrument.

When in double, delegate the task to expert writers. Our company receives students’ orders to humanize text from ChatGPT. We guarantee high-quality essays, research papers, and other texts. AI-free essay writing has several benefits that are also relevant when students ask experts to rewrite texts after using language tools. Our professionals are happy to rewrite such papers. They also provide other services:

  • Conduct additional research to check information and elaborate on theories and concerns addressed (if needed).
  • Add quotes and references. The use of relevant sources adds credibility and improves texts.
  • Improve formatting. Having a writer format papers to follow the requirements of MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford, and other styles enables students to get better grades.

There are several downsides related to the use of ChatGPT for completing assignments. Without proper editing and rewriting, an AI-written essay has little academic value and is too obvious to professors. Numerous cases of students getting low grades for such texts indicate that human-written content is better, and it is a great solution to hire a professional writer and manage tasks that could not have been completed otherwise.

AI Essay Writer vs. Professional Writer

Ordering papers from scratch or getting texts revised and edited is beneficial for different customers. Freshman find a reliable source of academic support and can get a paper anytime they need. Graduates get a chance to work with professionals who do not use AI but share their experience and knowledge to guarantee the best outcomes. Our ai free writing service at finds an individual approach to every client and offers personalized solutions for different tasks, including writing, editing, opimazing, and more.

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