Opting for a perfect research paper topic is a hard and daunting task. Of course, writing research papers is more difficult, but it is also hard to pick a research paper topic that will be both relevant to the subject and interesting to the student. After all, it is not possible to write a good research paper on a topic that is not exciting to the student who writes it.

Therefore, if you have received a task to write a research paper, you are standing in front of the choice of the best research paper topic. Even though it can seem to be a tough task, do not worry. We are here to help you. We have chosen a number of great research paper topics on different subjects. Read the list given in this article, and you will get an idea for what to do next. You can either take any of the topics listed below or use this list to come up with your own ideas.

Here you can find topics about:

Topics on Education

  1. Should children be placed in classrooms according to their academic ability or to their age?
  2. Should students with disabilities be placed in special classrooms?
  3. Control of education: should it be local or national?
  4. Discrimination in schools and colleges.
  5. Should teachers take regular competency tests?
  6. The issue of violence in schools.
  7. The analysis of ‘No Child Left Behind’ Act.
  8. The positive and negative effects of grading.
  9. Is gap year beneficial for teenagers?
  10. Exams vs. other forms of educational assessment.
  11. The pros and cons of homeschooling.
  12. Are standardized tests still relevant?

Topics on Health and Pharmacy

  1. The negative effects of using steroids for a prolonged period.
  2. Hazards vs. benefits of vaccination.
  3. Causes and treatments for common sleep disorders.
  4. Sun exposure and artificial tanning: what is more harmful?
  5. What kinds of exercise are the best for losing weight?
  6. Healthy diet: should it be low in fat or in carbohydrates?
  7. What should we blame for obesity: individual responsibility or fast food restaurants?
  8. The benefits and risks of alternative medicine.
  9. Successful cases of cancer’s non-medical treatment.
  10. The causes of common psychological disorders.
  11. Social portrayal of women as a cause of eating disorders.
  12. The prevention of age-related diseases.
  13. The causes and prevention of viral epidemics.
  14. Physical well-being and emotional stability: how are they related?
  15. The hazards of prolonged depressive states.
  16. Assisted suicide: is it justified or not?

Interpersonal Communication

  1. Technological development as a cause of communication decline.
  2. The effects of social media on youngsters.
  3. Cell phones and texting: how they affect communication?
  4. The importance of body language.
  5. Differences in communication patterns between males and females.

Marketing and Advertising

  1. Marketing trends used globally.
  2. Nowadays media limitations.
  3. The hazards of children’s marketing.
  4. How to make children’s advertising harmless.
  5. Should marketing eliminate sexual innuendos?
  6. Political advertisements and their controversy.
  7. Banning of specific kinds of ads due to morality, health, or annoyance issues.
  8. Should cigarettes, alcohol, and prescription medications be advertised?
  9. Advertisement with the use of campaign funds.
  10. How people respond to the most common political ads.


  1. How to ensure that children in schools get the best nutrition?
  2. Same-gender schools vs. traditional schools.
  3. Should students wear uniforms?
  4. Should students be encouraged to pray at schools?
  5. The pros and cons of charter schools.


  1. The legalization of steroids: pros and cons.
  2. The use of doping in sports.
  3. How athletic accomplishments affect school prestige.
  4. Should academic standards be more valuable than athletic accomplishments for a school?
  5. Paying to college athletes: is it fair?
  6. The issues of female athletes.
  7. Team sports and their social effects.
  8. Should children be pushed into sports?


  1. Is censorship required in public school curriculum?
  2. Should entertainment industry undergo censorship?
  3. The pros and cons of censorship on the Internet.
  4. School literature: should it be censored by teachers or by parents?
  5. The hazards of online censorship.
  6. How parental filters increase the interest of children.
  7. Strict Internet censorship on the example of China.
  8. The changes of Internet censorship in the United States.
  9. How censorship affects the minds of youngsters.
  10. Can censorship do more harm than its absence?


  1. Scholarship as a promotional technique.
  2. Are score requirements in different exams justified?
  3. How many years of education is enough?
  4. Admission policies: are they fair?
  5. How should students be taught about tuition planning?
  6. The pros and cons of distance education.
  7. Is getting a diploma really so important?
  8. How college helps teenagers learn more about life.


  1. Freedom of speech on the Internet.
  2. The effects of privacy invasion and stalking on the Internet.
  3. The reasonable solutions to hacking crimes.
  4. How to maintain cybersecurity.
  5. The effects of computer viruses.
  6. Where computer viruses come from.
  7. How criminals steal the identity.
  8. Is it possible to stop getting spam?
  9. Can Internet commerce be 100% secure?

Drug Use

  1. Should drug addicts be treated or punished?
  2. How families react to learning about addictions of their members?
  3. How can addicts be socially accepted?
  4. Should some drugs be legalized?
  5. Pros and cons of drug legalization.
  6. Colombian drug trade and the involvement of the United States in it.
  7. The effectiveness of abstinence programs.
  8. The hazards of drug use.
  9. How to prevent youngsters from becoming addicts.
  10. What kinds of people are more likely to become drug addicts?


  1. The dangers of air pollution.
  2. The consequences of water pollution.
  3. How to keep endangered species safe?
  4. The risks of climate change for the entire planet.
  5. How the use of alternative energy can help prevent climate change.
  6. Oil spills: dangers and prevention.
  7. Why is it necessary to introduce recycling all over the world.
  8. The most efficient alternative energy sources.
  9. Pesticides and how they harm the environment.
  10. Why noise pollution is also harmful to the environment.
  11. Should we introduce stricter regulations concerning the use of coal?
  12. The dangers of underwater exploration and scuba diving.

Domestic Violence

  1. How to protect the rights of those who were subjected to domestic violence.
  2. Protection for the victims of domestic violence.
  3. Should women who murdered their abusive husbands be punished?
  4. Protection of children from domestic abuse.
  5. Effective solutions to child abuse issues.
  6. The rights of children and other family members.
  7. The issue of marital rape.
  8. The prevalence of domestic abuse in the United States?

Foreign Policy

  1. The violation of human rights in Third World countries.
  2. The notion of unilateralism.
  3. Should Third World countries be supported economically or militarily?
  4. The competition of the United States and the European Union.
  5. The United Nations organization and its relevance.
  6. Global arms control.
  7. How Christian rights affect foreign policy.
  8. Counterterrorism and National Security.


  1. How did Olympic Games begin in Ancient Greece?
  2. The reign of Cleopatra: her accomplishments and successes.
  3. The conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.
  4. The causes and results of Cold War.
  5. How Cold War affected the entire world.
  6. The Code of Bushido: what it was about and how it affected samurai warriors?
  7. Great Depression and Great Recession: similarities and differences.
  8. The impact of Manhattan Project on the world.
  9. Leonardo da Vinci and his impact on the world history.
  10. How the Count Dracula is connected to Vlad and Impaler.
  11. Why Martin Luther opposed the Catholic Church
  12. Consequences of Romanization of the Celts in Ancient England.
  13. The main causes of the beginning of Reformation.
  14. Could World War I be averted?
  15. The first moon landing and its significance for the whole world.


  1. The relationship of Dante and Virgil in Dante’s Divine Comedy.
  2. How the Elizabethan era affected Shakespeare’s plays.
  3. The controversy about Shakespearian authorship: facts and assumptions.
  4. What main point Shelley was trying to convey in Frankenstein?
  5. Spirituality and existentialism in Donne’s poetry.
  6. The use of violence in dramatic writing during the Reformation era.
  7. Flaubert’s Madame Bovary vs. Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina: similarities and differences between the heroines.
  8. The main points Dickens was conveying in his dramatic works.
  9. How the literature of the Enlightenment era was different from others.
  10. Today’s literature: how media exposure helps books become more popular.

Pick any of these research topics or come up with your own one using these ideas. Be sure to choose the one that you are interested in, and your research paper will be fantastic!

Finding a Good Research Paper Topic

It takes a long time to write a good research paper. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the topic you choose will sustain your interest in writing your work. You will have to spend valuable time conducting a research, analyzing the facts, and compiling your paper. Consequently, make sure that the research paper topic of your choice is relevant to your life. You can think about what you are going to do later in life and choose a research paper topic that is related to it. For example, if you intend to establish a career as a politician, it would be reasonable to search for a topic that is related to politics. When you choose the category for your research paper, define the exact things that interest you in your chosen category. For instance, it can be the analysis of the current state of political affairs in the United States. If you select a topic that you like, you will make the complicated task of writing a research paper much easier.

Suggested List of Topics

Good research paper topics are extremely important for writing good research papers. Therefore, devote special attention to this stage. Think hard over the topics you are interested in and find the one that will work for you. To make this task easier, look through the list given below. It has some broader and some narrower topics so you can either take or elaborate and change a little bit to better fit them to your needs. These topics are related to a number of categories, from politics to health issues, from education to domestic violence. Feel free to choose any of them.

Using our list can save you a lot of time preparing to begin your work on the paper. Just read through the list very carefully, choose the category that interests you the most, and select a topic that seems to be the best for you. Then you can start searching for the information you need and writing your research paper.

Even if you think that you have found the best research paper topic right away, it is strongly advised to read through the whole list. It can give you more suggestions on how to make the chosen topic better and narrow it down.

To make the task of writing a research paper even easier, after looking through the list and choosing a topic, you can find samples of research paper outlines and essays. Reading them will give you more ideas and suggestions for how to make your paper look perfect. While doing your research and writing, remember that you need to be very attentive and use only reliable sources. In addition, you need to come up with a good thesis statement and be sure to interpret and express the information you find in the best way possible.

Remember that when writing your research paper, you have to learn as much as possible about your subject. Again, if your topic is interesting for you, finding information about it will be a much more pleasurable activity. Keep in mind that if you do not enjoy the process of researching and writing, perhaps you need to choose another topic.

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