Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce is process which involves buying and selling of goods and services over electronic systems such as computer networks and internet. Dapper being a website automatically falls in this category because it is an example of a computer network. From the definition, Dapper is a tool that makes it possible for users to create update feeds for their frequently visited sites. It also enables the owners of various websites to distribute their services in new and advanced ways. In essence, dapper is an innovative website that allows internet users adapt to the changing technological advances.

Mashup is an application used in development of a website. It links data and its functionalities from different sources so as to create a new service to its targeted clients. This application influences the creation of business websites positively. Usually, business websites should be attractive as much as possible to the target market. The websites should be highly accessible without much struggle, should be easy to use and further should allow fast integration to the interested individuals. This statement therefore shows that mashup influences the process of creating new business websites. Mashup has got several functions which include communication. It enhances communication through the use of emails, instant messaging and also notifying its users. Further, the mashup functions as data converters and can act in one way or another as language translators. It is therefore evident that this application influences creation of a business website since such websites not only target the local users but also international customers (McLoughlin & Lee, 2010).

Dapper could be made easier to use by giving the clients better control over navigation keys. This step allows the clients to take full control of their favorite sites with an easy to use interface. Furthermore, the objective of making dapper easier to use can be made possible by making page management much easier and effective. Creation of additional widgets to the web page could also facilitate easier and convenient access to this website.

Dapper as a website has been designed in such a way that allows its clients to use it with much ease. First, the interface of this website is simplified, thus allowing the client perform his or her tasks with less strain. In addition, the dapper users have been given limited permission in this web page. The restriction of permission to other sites limits chances of mistake occurrence that could distract the administration in one way or the other. One important fact about this website is that it limits time wastage, thus allowing the user adequate time to do other constructive things. Compared to other websites, page management in dapper is much easier. It creates awareness to the people on the company which created it. The web page provides a free service of signing up a new account to new users. Signing up is an easy task and takes approximately 3-5 minutes for it to be activated.

Contrary to the reasons discussed above that makes dapper an easier tool to use, the website has got its own disadvantages. First, it should be noted that not all people are well conversant with the use of computer systems. This therefore reduces the number of the targeted clients. Further, there is an issue of expenses. Acquiring internet facilities, leave alone having a business website is expensive. To sum up, this website is prune to computer hackers. Such hackers can crack into a clients' account and extract vital information that might ruin his or her day to day operations.

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