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The Swansea Docklands Heritage Society is a small local history society with about 50 members both locally and across the UK. It holds a large number of books and artefacts relating to the history of the docklands area, all currently stored in their building in the Maritime Quarter. At present all of the information on the books and artefacts is stored in a card index that is kept in the society's office. These cards record the title, author(s), publisher and publication date of each book, as well as the name of the person who donated it to the society. The name, origin, use and a brief description of each of the non-book objects is stored, together with the name of the donor. There are several thousand individual records, making it quite time-consuming to look up any individual object in the index.

The society has recently been bequeathed a sum of money sufficient for them to redevelop their current building into a small museum and library, allowing researchers and members of the public easy access to their books and artefacts. They would like to computerise their index to make it available online, and to include photographs of all of the artefacts. They also want a website that they can use to publicise the society, to provide contact details for people interested in the history of Swansea docklands, to let both society members and members of the public know about special events at the museum, and to showcase some of the more interesting objects in their collection.

Once the building has been redeveloped there will be space for a small shop area within it, where the society intend to sell a variety of commemorative items such as t-shirts and books. They would also like to be able to sell the non-book items through their website, and to provide a link to Amazon for the books so that they can get the referral fees from Amazon.

The society does not have any volunteers with the skill set to design and implement a computerised record-keeping and sales system so Geraint Williams, the chairman of the society,  has approached you to do the work. They want a system that will allow visitors to their library to see what books they have available and to locate them on the shelves. They also want basic information about each book to be available online through the World Wide Web but want more detailed information to be available from a terminal within the library. They hope that this will encourage more people to visit the new museum.

Geraint has also decided that this would be a good opportunity to computerise the society's membership records and would also like to be able to offer an electronic version of the society's quarterly magazine, The Docklands Tram.

Using the information given, draw up a Statement of Scope And Objectives for the Swansea Docklands Heritage Society Project.

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