This exposes the children to alternatives that challenge the ideals that they had set from home and these could result in inner struggle to change which may hinder personal development resulting in low esteem and pride and worse still rebellion (Coben, 56).

When teachers and school authorities transfer cultural knowledge to the children, they greatly influence them. The children have the belief that the learning atmosphere should be quiet and girls easily adapt as opposed to boys who are cultured to be talkative. This often leads them top trouble as they find it uneasy to meet the expectations due to their brain structure.

Mixed gender schools have not proved effective as research reveals as it causes poor performance. The single gender schools allow the boys who could be sidelined as shy to perform well and girls develop leadership skills.

Differences in brain features also emerge as the females strength is seen in relation to languages and articulation while males orient themselves towards objectivity and accuracy. The boys excel mostly in the sciences and calculations when girls are oriented to neatness and writing areas where they do well (Wedgewood, 62).

The process of growth and the entry into adolescence brings challenges that relate to emotional upheavals and the responsibility that are rising amongst the growing youths. Males have been seen to have the capacity to deal with emotional problems as opposed top their female counterparts who have recorded high suicide rates at this age. Poor development in this area could result in unhealthy relationships through poor choices (Canada, 104).

The roles have changed and the females have the freedom to make personal decisions and are seen to be more empowered to take authoritative stands on the issues that had made them victims over the years. The things that used to define manhood like strength and arrogance no longer holds water as the parents teach their children to solve conflicts without fighting (Kail, & Cavanaugh, 223- 56).

There are changes that have taken place over the past decades which have seen women dominating the job sector. Coupled with the women liberation and decrease in racial wars, the attitudes and belief systems have changed considerably. The women, who were just meant to met their employers’ extra marital affairs and sexual needs have become more trust worthy than their men counterparts whose values have gone down thanks to their brutality and arrogance. The employment scheme has given room for policies that allow family care for women with the maternity and other leaves been incorporated in the employment packages. These have bee adjusted to favor the family.

Women are no longer discriminated at the work place as the law endorses their employment when they qualify for a job. This has marked great changes in the women roles although their role in the family still remains unchanged. With full time employment that some have access to, they will be responsible, for example, when the child is sick and both parents work. In addition today, they are freer to choose their careers as opposed to previous generations. This trend of transformation is set to continue for the coming decades.

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