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Improving My Democratic Leadership Experience


1. Democratic leadership allows leaders to engage with the team but it creates challenges when solving conflicts.

2. Thesis Statement: As a person following democratic leadership, I will emphasize on improving my conflict resolution skills while strengthening the ability to lead and engage the followers through a joint cooperation.



1. Democratic leadership is a style of leadership that focuses on the interaction and cooperation between the leader and the followers.

a) According to Steven B. Sample (2009), democratic leaders tend to excel in leading group communication and mutual support.

2. The style has limitations when working under pressure and handling conflicts.

a) These challenges were experienced by me while applying this leadership style.

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3. As a leader, I tend to be open and cooperative as well as initiate team work.

a) I possess high human skills which are used throughout my leadership experience.

b) I lean toward relationships building as my behavioral approach and work toward creating networks and meaningful contacts.

c) I use a supportive situational approach and am presented and engaged with the team. I am also focusing on motivating others and supporting group initiatives.

d) The difficulty with my democratic leadership arises when handling negative and conflicting situations.I find it difficult to use the same approaches when the serious issues arise between team members.

4. In my leadership development, I plan to address the limitations of my leadership style as well as strengthen the strong points.

a) I am willing to work on the way I handle crisis situations and crisis communication.

b) I will keep on improving my human skills and relationship-building capacities.

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Democratic leadership requires constant work on one’s weak points and improvement of stronger ones.

As a democratic leader, I choose to strengthen the conflict resolution skills and improve people’s skills.

This approach will help be to strive in further leadership situations.

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