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According to Julie (2002) Wellness is an active process of multidimensional different states which describes the existence of positive health within one's self .This includes the quality of life and self actualization of well being. To be specific wellness is a multidirectional factor which in cooperates many sub dimensions of well being which include; social wellness, occupational wellness, spiritual wellness physical wellness, emotional wellness, environmental wellness, financial wellness, mental wellness and medical wellness among others. Generally all these types of wellness fall into two broader categories, being mental and physical fit. In this regard we must pay special attention to all dimensions of wellness in order to achieve healthy lives. Wellness of children still is directly affected by the wellness of parents. Parents who are not mentally fit or physically disabled their wellness will affect the wellness stages of a child. Nutrition, Health and Safety in young children

According research done by Howard (1998)it reveals that  wellness is determined by  health, nutrition and safety of a person. He argues that wellness in children is achieved throughquality child care which help to reduce the force of crisis which face children like poverty, drug abuse and violence. Child wellness is supposed to meet standards which puts into consideration their vital needs as well as relationships that pay way to their growing needs. Around the globe children are faced with wellness problems like psychological, emotional disorders and chronic physical conditions. These effects can be reduced by feeding practices that aids in children health, social adjustment and cognitive development. Therefore children's excellence of wellness has direct relation with   child care.

In reference to Howard (1998) he explains that health wellness promotes a child's well-being. There is always control of illness, accidents and diseases which is as a result of caregivers who should establish and maintain a healthy environment. Children should be immunized, facilitate cleanness by washing hands to curb diseases. Arrangements dental checkups, hearing and vision are found to provide nutrition to children. Such practices promote children safety such as checking toys and hazards equipments there by proving a less risk surrounding. There are some objectives which are found to be affecting children like environmental risk which cause emotional, physical, learning and psychological problems. Provision of educational and support programs for parents in risk areas help in reduction of children health problems and also child abuse.

Margaret (2000) argues that, Children are taught how to practice wellness every day by helping them explore ways in which they can do this at their home,. In addition to this they are taught different  types of wellness like cultures wellnes which help them acquire knowledge on how to live with everyone. In order to show  that life has value, they are encouraged to read stories, watch television and even listen to song lyrics. They are also taught several ways in how to be courageous in approaching different people of various career choices in order they become motivated and achieve their goals. Each subject taught adds value in their life for example mathematics aids them in knowing numbers which facilitates life recording like how numbers are used to help them to care and be careful in lowering the risks they run. Other subject like science enables children in improving the quality of education wellness in that they explore the various fields of science like medicine, space and environmental science which assist them in knowing how they contribute to our quality of life wellness.

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