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A mother is an immensely valuable member of the family given that she has many roles to undertake for the stability and welfare of the family. The mother has to keep a healthy relationship with the children, husband, and her working environment. Research has shown that it has not then worked out well for these working mothers. This would be because time is a limiting factor and therefore, the fact that the working hours overdo those spent with the family can lead to problems coming up.  This can be problems involving the child's development, relationship with the husband, and even the health of the mother herself (Doyle& Scard, 2008).

Through studies that have been carried out, the working mothers have no significant effect on their children.  In this case, what matters is the stage at which the mother leaves the child as she goes to her working place after giving birth. The study has shown that those mothers who get back to their works a month after childbirth do not affect their children. The research shows that these children left at that stage with babysitters do not experience any mental problems or even social weaknesses during development. They grew up well both mentally, physically, and socially as those children who were taken care by their mothers.  The children whose mothers work enjoy many benefits as compared to those whose mothers do not work. These children are able to acquire a high-quality childcare because of the additional income of the mother to that of the father. The children of working mothers get quality nannies also capable nursery schools where they are taught and taken care of (Schor, 1993).

Children with mothers work for 3ohours in a week or did part-time jobs were more advantageous. The mothers then had enough time to interact with their children also; they have enough time to spend with the family. This makes the whole family happy as they get enough income to sustain the family as well as time to share and interact with one another. Therefore by the mother has no risk of getting any mental illness because of the poor relationship with the family.

Working mothers have a mammoth task of ensuring that they maintain a healthy relationship with their husbands too. After the long working hours, they all get back home to relax but as for the wife, she again needs to organize for meals and also any other activity that may require her attention. These make her terribly tired and busy such that she spends less or even no time for the husband. The issue becomes worse when the wife has a night shift and is therefore forced to leave home for work. This can create a problem as the two do not have time to fulfill each one's conjugal right hence leading to family breakages and also issues of  unfaithfulness  incase they do not get a solution to the problem (Greenberg & Avigdor, 2009).

Above all working mothers contribute a lot to the income of the family because they add to the income of their husbands.  The families, which have both the wife and husband working, obtain high income that is able to cater for the family's needs fully. Their children get high quality childcare due to the high quality health facilities that the parents are able to afford. The children also acquire high-quality education because they are taken to exemplary schools with appropriate learning facilities. All these make a happy family with a mother and father.

The issue of working mothers needs therefore to be looked at with great caution because it does not only affect the individual but also the community as a whole. The mothers have worked hard in their education some even getting to the highest levels of education but only come to be disappointed when it comes to the field of work. These mothers could be working for a full-time job or they would be having long working hours. This becomes a challenge to and the whole family. Research has come out with these effects of working mothers and we hope for improvement in the work places (Tyler, 2008).

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