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Wikileaks is an international community that careers in providing the truths of the matters that normally rock the world. Truth is an entity that is very essential in life. Every activity and aspect that an individual involves in always has some concept of truth or wrong in it. Life entails the practice of the facts and figures that have been established to rule and guide life. Human beings cannot exist without embracing the circulation of truth in the air, and that for everything to be well organised and consistent, the truth has to be considered at all times. There are various organs that are centrally concerned with the expression of truth in every aspect of life. One of this is the media house. They aim at providing the society with the immediate facts and figures of the happenings in every sector of life. However, for the betterment and sobriety in the world, life has chosen to hide some truths at various particular times on a prospect that it is for the safety of a particular group of people or particular individuals. This is also central to the activities and responsibilities of the wikileaks (Michigan University, 2006).

Wikileaks has been existent in the world for a long period of time at now. It has been exercising the rights of many individuals who may be considered of lower social or economic class. The fact that there is a clear definition of the right or rather socially acceptable codes of conduct in the society is an absolute indication of  truth to say that the truth should be told at all times in life. People should be accorded their rights with no injustice in it. There are the universally and socially acceptable behaviours in the society. Moreover, there are normally unethical behaviours that have to be revealed and severely punished for the betterment of the entire society. Governments and institutions are supposed to show the way forward in exercising the right behaviours as they are the pillars of the society. A society should have what we call the rules and regulations that spell the conduct and lifestyle that is acceptable by all (Marseken, 2010).

Governments have the due role of enabling people develop the best behaviours like never before. Wikileaks has been concern with the revelation of the unethical behaviours among governments and individuals in the society. This is one of the actions that should be done with sobriety and soundness of mind. Truth should be absolute as it normally never pounds itself to any change or manipulation. One of the most serious aims that the community should aim at is the revelation of the truth in order to set people free.

It has been said that any truth sets free of any doubtful idea or concept in life. Wikileaks has been practicing the act of making sure that the societies in the world have a maximum political as well as social impact in their lives. Politics is a sensitive part of human life that must be played with all dignity and fullness of knowledge. Any political impact normally has sound effects on the lives of many people if not the entire country or region that is covered by the geographical boundaries. There are various fulfilments that every political association or community should fulfil for the betterment of the entire lives of the people.

Political societies should be made on the consent of the majority of the people. The decisions that are taken on behave of the political society should come from the greater number of the wishes of the people. It should not overpower the desires of the opponent group as it is still part of the society. A unifying consent has the ability to bring the people of different political views together. When the majority wins, it should be given a chance to play its will and wishes among the supporting society. This always makes sure that there is justice among all the people in the society. For instance among the citizens of the United States of America, it is the cry of the majority of the citizens that they should be provided with the real fact s as concerns to the utility of their finances by the government. This is one of the fields or rather examples of the scenarios that wikileaks concentrates on.

The central government in any state should aim and make sure that the citizens are able to get acquainted with the nature in which the tax payers' money gets in use. The truth should always be practiced and thought to every individual in or out of government. Political stability will only be achieved if truth is expressed at all times. The use of the public funds and social offices should be exercised in a manner that ensures justice and knowledge to all. The truth that is revealed by the wikileak should therefore be a pillar towards the unity of the entire nation and the world as a whole.

Unity is a product of the wikileak society. Unity entails the aspect of having harmony and togetherness in addressing the social, spiritual and even the academic concerns of the society. It is an aspect that a society has to embrace at all costs. Every individual is considered the genesis of unity. This is exemplified in the individual families that make up the various societies in the world. A unifying factor as shared information and truth should always be embraced and geared to grow in any society. The United Nations should take a bold step and even improve the conditions that will make sure that all the nations of the world come together and share common interests, goals and objectives of life. This is therefore a clear indication of unity that is a product of the wikileak society (Rausch, 2008).

Apart from the maximum impact of the political nature of a nation, one of the other aims of the wikileak society is to oversee the movement of information and ideas from one set of individuals to another with respect to the prevailing conditions in the world. This is an aspect that covers the disclosure of the documents that may be having critical information as relates to the political, social, and environmental or even the physical nature of the world. Disclosure of information is one of the critical undertakings that many nations finds it hard to operate. The most feared thing is the repercussions that the disclosure will have on the lives of the people involved and the society as a whole. In most cases, this information is made opaque to the public. The impact of making the information opaque to the public has not been doing well in many nations. Citizens are the ones who are left without the information that they are supposed to know. Wikileak has therefore been instrumental in such cases. It mainly concerns with the need and the reasons why this information should be leaked to the people.

Security is an aspect that is of critical importance when it comes to international relations of nations and communities. This is an aspect that has been of central concern of many nations and states since time immemorial. Many cases of insecurity are as a result of a sudden break of information that concerns the ideas of the particular group of people. Many instances of insecurity have resulted from the fact that as much as many nations will try and hide particular information from a certain group of people, tension always rises, which posses a risky situation in the lives of the individuals. At the break or leak of such information, there may occur stresses that always result in fights and struggles. Wikileak has been at the process of reducing such events of terror from occurring among the lives of the individuals and the nations at large. It has played the role of ensuring that these tensions are not accumulated till a time where their eruption can cause chaos among the people of a particular state. For instance, many occurrence of wars among the African countries have been due to the effects of raised and a long overdue tension among the individuals (Losh, 2009).

Media is one of the bodies that have played sumptuous roles in uniting many nations. There are variances of ways in which people are able to communicate all across the world. The use of phones, attending work places, school and seminars are not the only sources or ways in which people are able to communicate with one another in the society. In the developed and even the developing countries, the media has been critical in informing people of the political, financial and the various lifestyles that are embraced in the world at the moment. It also handles the current affairs which can be hard for people to access in any other parts of the world. The television sets and the radios are some of the media facilities that are commonly used. An endeavour to do media is a one way of participating in building or destroying a country. The nature and the objectives that various media societies have are based on the nature of the impact that they have upon the people and the entire society.

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Media is a tool of communication. Both the verbal and the print media facilities are playing a special role of making sure that most parts of the world are informed of the current affairs affecting the nations all across the world. The various roles of the media houses can be summarised in three roles as those of the flow of information, interpretation of the information, and acting as watchdogs. With the flow of information, this is important in the development of the various communities. The wide array of information passed by the media, people are able to extent their level of opinions, views, impressions and conclusions of the world. The spread of information by word of mouth and many other channels are of importance. Information can be transferred from one source to another by word of mouth.  This mode of transfer of information from one place to another is considered open to all, thus any information that gets to this mode cannot be held a secret (Lewis, 2005).

The media acts as interpreters or as surveillance guys. These are people who play the role of making sure that there is no information that can passed a certain group of people yet they are supposed to know. They hold this information with an aim of one thing that they will be able to give evidence to any occurrence of an event, explain the situation and an individual depending on the information that went across the media equipment. This is more or less the work practised by the wikileak. It has quite some relation in the way in which the information is handled. Most of the information that is passed by this branch of communication is severe and may be harmful to the peace of a nation or any other group of people. The information that is passed across the communication facilities have to be at a level that most people will be able to understand. This is normally the work of the journalists and the media people.

The other role that the media plays is that of acting as watchdogs. This involves scenarios where the information is likely not to be revealed to the right group of people, or in other words, the exact information may not be revealed to the people. People must be able to know what is taking place in their governments. It is the therefore the duty of the media to act as a watchdog over the government in order to elicit any information that is worth being known in the society. Though the government will always be aggressive and insatiable to the hottest news, they have to portray a sense of democracy by letting people get to know what they have to know as concerns to their government.

The media at some particular periods of time acts as wikileak. This is normally for the state of democracy and fairness among the people. The media has the whole capacity to hold nations and governments accountable to the actions that they do. They should be in a position to explain everything that takes place in the domains of the government departments. This is because of the fact that the actions and decisions that these people address affect the entire people who are represented. The media has a great role of disseminating information to the people as soon as they occur. In a democratic society, it is beyond the responsibility of the people to make sure that they are acquainted with whatever it takes place in the government premises. What the government decides is normally the final decision that the country will assume. It is therefore very important that the people are involved in these decision making processes (Lewis, 2005). 

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In many societies, the media houses are termed as the weapons that speak for the people. They are centres where they are able to express their ideas and pass their information to the public domain in order to be heard by the government. Freedom is about having the right views and expressing them in the right way possible without any external interference. The media can help people to attain to their levels of freedom. Many countries have been at the process of restraining media laws so as to sustain whatever takes place in the media houses. This is contrary to the wishes of many people, thus the government should be at the forefront in making sure that the people are provided with democracy in whatever they do. This is what has been always advocated by the wikleak society. The press should be given the freedom since it is an organ that ensures the functioning of democracy. The legislations that cover the press are also responsible for the functioning of the democracy in any country (Albarran, 2009).

Wikleak has been utilising the chance of freedom of expression that should be accorded to the press society. The differences in the views that will be raised are critical to the opening of the floors to debates and discussions that will ensure a practise of democracy in any state. Many nations have been on the forefront in the fight for the freedom of the press. This is because it is considered freedom of the people. Nations as East Germany and the Soviet Union are some of the examples of the states that have made sure that people are no longer dictated. This is a clear indication of the acts that are always practised by the wikleak.

The media is a useful tool that has great influences among the lives of the people.  It has the ability initiate and effect changes in the society and the government as a whole. These effects can be felt both locally and internationally. This is the reason why media has always been considered a global influence that people can use to effect changes in all perspectives of life.

The cross cultural differences that exist among the people can be harmonised y having a common media centre. The relationships that exist between nations can be nurtured by the nature of the media interaction that the two nations depend on. It is at the heart of the international affairs of any nation. It is a tool that plays then general role of disseminating knowledge, educating people are raising awareness encase of any issue that is suppose to be given immediate attention. The public opinion is always a bulwark for the development of the people of a particular place. The government has a large role to play if it is supposed to corporate with the people of a particular place. The government priorities are therefore a product of the media (Losh, 2009).

The unending change in the technology has been affecting the media houses for a long period of time. It has also left the present generation with lots of challenges that they have to face to be in line with the technology, more so the changes that have to be effected in the governments. The mass media moreover should be guided by the principles that have been put in place for the betterment of the people that are served. The media should also be responsible. The journalists should have the skill to report all the information, bad and good since they are the happenings of the fellow human hands. Moreover, it is critical to have the leaked information be handled with much care and attention. This is because of the fact that it is normally very risky when they are accumulated then it leaks out at the wrong time (Lewis, 2005).  

In conclusion, the social and the political landscape have all changed due to the influence of the leak of information mainly by the wikleak. In the past, the state of social and the political landscapes were in a position to be held, yet again they could be determined by the media, not as it is the case today. Many things could happen in the governments because of the government. Influence of the people who are actually the core reason for the presence of the government. The wikileaks is therefore one of the beneficial societies in the field of information and communication. It plays a great role in making sure that the people are able to access the hidden information that many governments keep way from the citizens.

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