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There are different “leadership styles” that cause high degree of “job satisfaction” in the participants of “virtual teams”. Virtual teams are a way to obtain, blend and apply “knowledge” to attain the want of “high quality, low cost, rapid solution to complex problems” via maintaining a corroborative network”. Currently, it is found that the act of creating virtual teams at workplace is increasing at the rate of about twenty million in America. A “quantitative” research was conducted. A method of correlation was used to measure the “behaviors associated with” different styles of leadership and the needs relating to leadership of the “virtual followers”. This type of correlation is expected to explicit positive “job satisfaction” between leaders and team members. It was assumed that this association would increase “job satisfaction”. (Hitson, 2008)

This survey was conducted from about twenty three countries. The survey items were web based and contained items based upon Likert scale. The items were based upon “Leadership behaviors applied leadership behaviors desired and job satisfaction”. The aim of the study was to find out correlation between the “leadership style, leadership behaviors, and follower desired Leadership behavior” and “job satisfaction”. The results showed that a certain amount of correlation do exist between leaders “leadership behaviors and the desired leadership behavior of the followers and job satisfaction”. a correlation was also find that “self-management” styles of leadership”. It was found that this type of correlation increases “job satisfaction within the virtual teaming environments”. (Hitson, 2008)

The importance of this approach is that it has been used not only in the expansion of knowledge but also in explains the perception of virtual leaders under the light of different leadership theories. It makes people aware of the virtual team of the job satisfaction of the work force but also of the different methods of leadership. Study suggests, creation of a successful team it is important to have “strong and appropriate leadership”. This study is expected to make a positive addition in the realm of the studies conducted in the spheres of virtual knowledge.

With the technological development in the world people are encountering higher degree of long distance communication challenges. Communication is expected to exchange information as well as “thoughts and ideas” in an accurate and effective manner. This notion of Christine suggests that it is necessary for the leaders nowadays to possess certain skills with the help of which they can interact with people in a successful manner. Leaders must have skills to lead with success in this widely altering world. It is necessary for the leader to aware people of the virtual communication methods present. In this way they will be able to select the most felicitous for themselves and their organization. (Christine, 2008)

Today with the technological empowerment of the world people are working for the same organization at many different places. This has created the maintenance of an “effective communication” really challenging. It is really difficult nowadays to communicate with the organization in an effective manner. The author in here is trying to find out the methods utilizing with the leaders of “Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) Information Management System (IMIS)” can utilize technology to create communication effectively. Methods that will ensure their staff’s appointment to such sources and information that is necessary for their working skills. (Christine, 2008)

Christine conducted a study was conducted to find out the ability of the virtual leaders to become a part of a communicative environment and how will they bridge distance communication. This study assisted “IMIS” by giving them “strategies” with the help of which leaders will select appropriate method of communication. It was expected to promote and advocate the “strategic direction of VCH” in the development of a strengthened organization. (Christine, 2008)

Nowadays, it is necessary for the leaders to maintain “effective” methods of technological communication. Those who “lead and communicate” over long distances undergo various challenges while adopting certain virtual ways of communication. It is necessary to maintain a healthy and strong communication. This will help leaders to develop a sense of doing and respect in their employees. It is important for the leaders to increase their consciousness of communicating virtually and to abreast themselves for selecting the right method of communication. That will help them communicate in a successful manner. (Christine, 2008)

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