This essay seeks to discuss the practices that have effects and are related to gender. It also seeks to explain why the practice is relevant and who gains and losses in the practice.

Violence and Security

Violence and security are post structural critics techniques which are associated with feminists. The resolution implemented in this practice affects the main gender issues in context of the internationally recognized policy practices. Violence and security practices draw up theoretical work that is based on the discourse of gender and on the violence in war that involves sexual activities such as rape and domestic violence practices (Shepherd, 2008). It is important to note that gender based violence does not only reflect on the inequalities between the different sexes but also reinforces these differences by compromising the female security, dignity , heath and the anatomy of the person involved. It also oversteps many human rights violations. The human violations include; sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence and harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital Mutilation among many others (Hamel, 2005).

Beijing declaration and platform for action was one of the disciplinary bodies on these practices. The Beijing declaration states that violence is common. This violence against women does not only violate the rights of women but also nullifies and impairs the rights of women and the limitation of their fundamental freedoms. This simply means that most societies are affected to a certain degree. In addition, women and girls have to face sexual and physiological abuse that passes over different levels of culture, class and income.

This practice is not only relevant but for effective as well. The purpose of this practice is to make an effort to make the silent voice of women heard and ensure that women are heard from the lowest to the highest. These disciplinary bodies also intend to change the idealistic attributes that entertain conflict through violence (Bahun- Radunovic, 2008).


This essay has outlined and discussed different attributes and practices that are related to gender. The essay explains why these practices are important and necessary to gender. 

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