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Many people do not understand the concept of transsexuals well. In fact, only a few people understand the meaning of the term transsexuals. However, the concept of transsexuals has existed for a long time. A transsexual person identifies with a certain gender that proves inconsistent with cultural associations, with the biological gender. This paper summarizes an article that relates to the concept of transsexuals.


Transsexual condition has presented a lot of confusion as regards the type of gender that it refers. This refers to a misery that relates to gender as opposed to physical sex organs. Transsexuals regard themselves as the opposite sex, despite the fact that they may have biological attributes of one sex.  This issue involves mental considerations as opposed to physical attributes that transsexuals have. Transsexuals appear in two diagnostic manuals that mental health professional's use.  These two diagnostic manuals include American psychiatric association, diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders and the internal statistical classification of diseases and related health problems. The latter manual defines transsexuals as a desire to live and receive acceptance as members of the opposite sex.

This feeling associates with a sense of discomfort, inappropriateness of the physical sex attributes that one has. Transsexuals wish to undergo a surgery and hormonal intervention that change their bodies to become that of the opposite they prefer. The fist manual does not differentiate between gender identity error and transsexual. Transsexual individuals desire an establishment that gives them a gender role as the members of the gender, with which they identify themselves.  They often search for medical interventions that can help them get gender change. The physical alterations include changes from male to female of changes that involve female to male gender roles (Swaab &, 2000).

The physical realignments that these people need, also known as sex reassignment therapy include surgeries, such as orchiectomy, facial feminization surgery and trachea shaves. The process that involves sexual changes from one physical sexual orientation and gender role, to another one takes several years. The transsexual concept relates to transgender, which refers to people who do not fit the typical gender roles, for instance, cross-dressers, and drag queens. However, transsexuals argue that they do not fit the transgender group.

The concept of transsexuals cannot be suppressed or ignored. Unlike the fascinations brought by cross-dressers, the compulsion of transsexuals has become a matter of life and death. Transsexuals face many problems because of the way the society treats them. The problems that these people pass through include social oppression, cultural indoctrination shame, bigotry slaughter and loathing. The problems that they face because of how the society views them has made some of them frustrated. Some of the transsexuals have opted to commit suicide because they lack ways that they can use to solve their problem.

These people require a lot of care and guidance because of the problem that they have. They need the society to support them because, the issue that they go through associates with their mental characteristics.  Transsexuals do not decide to behave the way they do. The condition comes as an inborn attribute. The conflict that arises because of the concept of transsexuals manifests itself from early, in life. Most transsexuals realize that they have the problem during their schooling going years, for, instance the preschool years (Swaab &, 2000).

The agony that comes from transsexuals could lead to self-destruction, unless the affected person gets an amicable solution through treatment.  The problem becomes worse because seeking treatment offers an expensive option. This combines with the problem of fear. Sometimes the surgery process results to deaths or permanent injuries. Therefore, the individual may lack funds to seek treatment or may fear the whole process of treatment. Research shows that fifty percent of transsexuals die by age thirty. They die because of living lives full of stress. Stress accounts for most transsexual deaths.

Transsexual condition occurs relatively the same, in both male and females. The causes of transsexuals range from mother to child stress factors, critical timed hormone release, and hormone mimicking chemicals. These factors occur when the fetus grows in the womb of its mother.   These factors interfere with the normal growth process of the fetus. The condition occurs independent of physical sexual orientation. Physical sexual orientation does not have anything to do with transsexuals. It affects both human beings and other animals, such as monkeys, apes, cats and dogs (Swaab &, 2000).

Although transsexual condition does not mean the same condition, with homosexuality, people use the two terms interchangeably. Evidence shows that the transsexual and homosexuality occur from the same mechanism, in the uterus.

Transsexuals differ from transvestitism, in that, the transsexual condition relates to gender issues, whereas transvestitism occurs as a sexual fetish that occurs after the puberty period. The people who have the transvestitism condition derive satisfaction from appearing as the opposite sex. For transsexuals, the condition goes beyond satisfaction of appearance to gender roles. Transvestitism occurs primarily, in the male sex while transsexuals cut across the two sexes.

Current estimates show that out of thirty thousand people, the rate of transsexuals existing accounts for only one. This occurrence appears minimal because the condition occurs because of stress factors, when the fetus grows, in the womb.


Transsexuals bring in many questions that require a research. The issue has not received the attention it requires because of its limited occurrence. Besides that, the condition comes up after the baby grows. Medical detection has not yet developed for this problem.

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