“Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.” Said by Bradley, Omar Nelson, forces in Normandy invasion in World War II; army chief of staff in 1948-1949. In the modern world, every country is developing their science technology, even though destruction of nature. In The Time Machine, by Herbert George Wells, he initiates start modern science fiction the time traveler had manufacture a time machine that would permit him through time. He moved into the future to the year 802,700. It is an enormously diverse world. He saw the different humanity, the Eloi and the Morlocks (H. G. Wells 58). They speak their own language in which the time. Whatever they living upper ground or underground, there are not developed machine, planes, even a car. Does science bring to human some happiness or disaster, the time will prove everything.

Wells suppose Human in millions of years later differentiates into Eloi and the Morlocks, two opposite species. In current, all humanity developing science to make people's life become comfort and comfortable, in the future, when all is to become a truth, humanity is no longer to face fear and the problem, then people can become to desireless. In additionally, when people become desire less, they will lazy then vestigial both of physiology and psychology.

In his book, the author notes the numerous changes that have taken place in human beings due to what is seen as technological changes with time. He takes to it that the human beings have changed or rather will change due to the changes that will occur in their making and the environment. He, for example, notes that the people although adults, they are childish and appear immature, an observation he makes of the Eloi’s. He notes that they behave like little children or pets. This observation brings to sense the fact that they have lost their independence. He further insists that they are not responsible in whatever way even in protecting themselves from hazards. This comes to be acute when the Weena, an individual of the Eloi community is swept downstream without making any attempt to protect herself, neither do her community members. This shows they have lost all sense of humanity. This shows that the human beings have become vestigial and useless (Kristensen 134).

On the same community of the Eloi, the author depicts them as people with no sense of decency or fixed program of life. The author through his machine, which in this case takes him to the future and shows him what the world will become, he sees them living in tall but collapsing building. They have no sense of changing this kind of life for the better but appear comfortable and contented. He further shows how they have lost culture and self sense by describing their diet as frugivorous. The once decent and conscious beings are dying and rotting in irredeemable ignorance. The Eloi community appears to be people with no language, curiosity, wisdom or knowledge. The author concludes that they have no discipline, something he first confuses for peace and remorsefulness in the society. He, however, discovers at a later time that it is the effect of concurring nature by use of technology that has changed their nature through evolution. In this case, they have lost the sense and importance of intellect association. They do not view it as beneficial anymore.

The time traveler in this case tries to show that, in the future, all things will change and bring the world to a point where all things are impossible to distinguish or comprehend. The facts to be reviewed in this case and, which at that time will appear useless, are among others influential factors such as language, culture, feelings and even gender based factors like reproduction. The technology put in place at that time will replace all these things. They are brought in by the time traveler’s observations of the Eloi. The people in this community have lost their language, which is part of the people’s culture. They have further lost feelings and emotions (Gibson 111). This is seen in that they have no affection for the time traveler, neither any remorse for the drowning ember of the community. This shows they have developed machine like characters and lost total humanity. H notes that it is even difficult to determine an individual’s gender as it is the case with Weena. Although he concludes Weena must be female, Weena is not sure neither is she concerned. The conclusion only comes from a few features which are traced through several remnant features from the initial times before technology took control of the human life. This is evidence that in this case of the Eloi, which is one of the evolutions of human made up of the leisure class in the future, is more devastating than benefiting.        The effects are devastating. This is further proofed by Weena’s inability to run away from the hostile Morlocks. It shows the people will be vulnerable and fragile.

The time traveler further brings us the effects of modern technology on the future generations by bringing into focus the other group of the human beings that will evolve from the human beings. These are the Morlocks. The author describes them as ape like and traces their origin to the modern day middle class who are used to working. They are naturally hostile and lack any form of civility in the happenings of the world. Although the changes they have undergone are as a result of technology, they lack the sophistication that comes with it. They, for example, live in dark dungeons and in a clandestine manner. They have further lost sense of humanity and converted to nocturnal creatures just like animals. Although they have numerous machines in their place of dwelling, they have no aspect of use neither do they have any use with them. The time traveler also come to terms with the fact they are hostile and no more humans. According to the author, they appear like cannibals, and he has to create a fire buffer which finally destroys them (Csicsery-Ronay 30). However, the desire for machines and more technology by this particular group of individuals does not escape ones attention when they steal the time machine. This shows that humans will continue to create machines and technology irrespective of their situation or position.

The book comes to a sad end where the author depicts humans and the earth come to a gradual end. He explains how people have turned to scorpion like figures feeding on one another. He explains how the environment has been destroyed to form a vacuum in the earth. The gradual encroach of technology and its effects have finally caught up with the human race and have destroyed everything including the sun, moon and the ocean. The author in this case shows that the world in that time will be distorted at the watch of zombie like creatures evolved from humans to a point of no retreat. He further shows that the earth will be left empty and unexplored at that time. The two races having died off as a result of different environmental factors such as floods, war and forest fires, it would now be time for the sun and the ocean to burn off and the world will be no more. The author shows how the earth processes will come to a gradual stop (Parker 94). He shows that even the earth revolution, which ensures continuity in time, will come to an end and thus time will a thing of the first. The author does not, however, show that the development in technology will be all harmful as the earth can still afford a flower like the one which he as given by Weena. However, they will only be few to make the generations wonder at the beauty of originality and compare it to the disorganized world of technology.


In conclusion, it would right to say that further advance in technology is more harmful than beneficial if we are to go by the observations made in the book, Tomorrow is Today’s Nightmare’. The book shows a significant possibility of the people losing their sense of humanity and life. The author outlines the possible outcome including lose of affection, feeling, discipline and even life. The author indicates that the world may also come to a tragic end as humans will have no control of whatever will be happening to them or even their races. It thus advisable that the human beings go slowly on evolution and technological development ensuring that whatever they develop is within their stride and command. The use of technology in every part and sector of life is portrayed as one of the things that will limit the human power to a standstill and finally to an end in which humans will not be able to protect themselves even from the simplest things like fire and floods. All these ill happen in waiting of technology to perform the tasks.

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