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In any research, a thesis is the main idea that is written as the guideline that directs the discussion on a specific topic aimed at reaching to a certain conclusion. A thesis has to be presented in the best way that captures the actual argument that has to be presented in the entire text. In short, it is the heart that drives the entire research in a procedural and systematic manner. The purpose in research helps and guides the reader in informing them the actual content and findings that are expected in the text in any research. The purpose has therefore to be a concise and precise description of the information that has to be presented in the paper.  The thesis supports the purpose by giving the idea regarding the arrangement of the contents in the text.

Considering an example of a thesis; "Given similar conditions, boys do outperform girls in mathematics related subjects in the school level. The thesis clearly explains the main argument that the research has to be based on in that it provides the reader with the expected result that the author would obtain in their research work. The purpose statement for this thesis might on the other hand be explaining the need to highlight factors that enable boys to outperform girls in mathematics related subjects in high schools.

A thesis has to be persuasive, interesting and present some degree of appeal to the paper. The readers have to be attracted to the research through the strength of the thesis. It is therefore important not to state the obviously known facts as the thesis in a research. The purpose on the other had has to briefly elaborate on the reasons behind the research in that it has to further explain the drive behind the thesis of a  research paper as in the example above.

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