Research process is the guidelines used by the researcher in understanding the research topic. It provides a step by step identification of an area to research on and ways of collecting information as well as analyzing the collected data.

The first step is selecting the research topic. This can be obtained from magazines, newspapers or even on already done research whereby a study identify a gap which is to be filled through exploration. This is the most crucial step since; research process retards   without a topic. When the theme was chosen the research has to collect basic information about the topic. A careful analysis of  the exploration question  should be undertaken, and if it  provides insufficient information then the researcher should broaden the subject by examining a related issue or go for a different one.

Once the researcher is certain of the topic he should distinguish material required. Different information formats are available such as articles or websites and a choice should be made according to instructors needs. Consequently, after classify the data, its relevancy to the topic should be considered. A higher degree of application can be evaluated basing on authors level of education guaranteeing quality research. In addition, notes taking should be emphasized in order to keep track of research tools and research strategy taken hence ensuring there is no double collection of information.

Finally, the research process is complete since the researcher has enough material to defend his topic. The step by step process is essential. The beginning is the most valuable part, and it will ensure the researcher does not get diverted away from the topic.

Quantitative data always attach a numerical value to the subject under research. Examples of quantitative data, in substance abuse, include: What mass of substance is abuse? How much volume is abuse? What is the concentration level in the drug?

Qualitative data determine the existence rather than numerical value. Its examples include: What are the problems associated with substance abuse? What are the reasons against substance abuse? Why is it difficult to leave substance abuse once you are involved in it?

In conclusion, research process is an interactive procedure which needs cognitive involvement of concerned different ideas. It is important to think through the research before embarking on practical part. This is crucially significant in ensuring that unforeseen problems are cushioned. 

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