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The Statement of the Problem

What are the immediate reasons for the particular levels of the current debt levels given by individuals whose monthly debt payments are in excess of 35% of disposable income? There are actually many reasons that have contributed to this problem in one way or the other. The aim of this proposal is to find out the reasons why individuals in various realms of business and lives have debt, and why they continue to fall deeper in debt. Debt is one of the human establishments that can be dealt with ones and for all if appropriate measures are undertaken. It is therefore very necessary that every individual is on the business of making sure that instance and circumstances that bring about debts are given a blow in the business.

The Sub problems

1. What level of debt is trouble shooting? There are many problems that a business organization can encounter at the process of embracing its developmental strategies. Moreover, at some particular levels, the problem would seem overwhelming to the company or individual. It becomes troubleshooting. First and foremost, there are general needs that an individual, business or a family cannot do without. This is one of the sub problems that contribute to the levels of debts among people. One is forced to go beyond the levels of growth in order to make sure that these needs are met in the family or organization. This leads to debts. At this level, the problems becomes troubleshooting as it will reoccur if the necessary measures are not taken into consideration.

2. Do couples who are jointly holding debt (if surveyed separately) as to the causes of their debt levels? Holding of debt is another contributing factor to the level of debts among individuals. When you hold a debt, it is presumed that with time, it will accumulate due to the fact that various needs will always be there. So, as long as an individual will accumulate debts, there is a possibility that their level of debt will go up. The fact here is that as much as one has a large amount of debt to pay, he fits in a particular level of debt. With time, this level of debt will increase on the understanding that it will be accumulating in its interests. When individuals jointly hold such a debt, they will rise up in their levels of debt. This is when individual research is subjected among these individuals.

3. Are there common traits (demographics like age or gender or experiences like religious beliefs or parental examples) among those who have difficulty managing debt? Debt is one of the factors that take after the managerial strategies of an individual in the business. Its level and amount are largely dependent on the procedures that people embrace in order to avoid or overcome them in life. Each and every individual subject to a particular production of a need has the potential to fall in a particular class of debt. It does not matter the age or experience of an individual in life.

The Hypotheses or the Research Questions

The first hypothesis with regards to the first research problem is that there are particular levels at which the problem becomes troubleshooting, and that these levels are influenced by the level of development and income size of an individual. For a debt to be termed troubleshooting, it has to have gotten to a level in which it cannot allow an individual to proceed well with the business. It threatens to interfere with the other progresses of the business, hence becomes nagging to the entire business operation.

The second hypothesis of the second problem is that holding of debts as a group out of sole proprietorship will result in a different level of debts of an individual. The coverage of a debt is normally the responsibility of all the members who got involved in the use of the goods or services that brought about the debt.

The third and final hypothesis as regards to the third hypothesis is that there are therefore no common traits among individuals who have difficulties in the managing of debts in their business and daily lives.

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The Delimitations

There are various issues that the research problem will fail to address. First and foremost, it will be against the rights of an individual to be expected to give the real value of figures of the debt level at the process of carrying out the research. Secondly, it will be difficult for the research individuals to come to an agreement as concerns the particular parameters to be used in establishing the various levels of debts among individuals. Besides this, the research will be short of the results of individuals who may not be willing to unveil their natures of debts in one way or the other.

Moreover, the research will not be in a position to cover all the people who are presumed to have debts in one way or the other. It will be difficult as some people may also fail to collaborate with the researcher who is at the process of carrying out the research. Besides this, it will be difficult for the researcher to carry out surveys of companies as this will not clearly state the link that provides the despondence to the occurrence of any debt. This would be a difficult thing to do in any business establishment.

The Definition of the Terms

Hypothesis: this refers to an assumed statement that is yet to be proven in the field when actual research is carried out.

Research problem: this refers to the cause or rather the issue that has led to the particular research being carried out.

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Debts: this refers to over-expenditure those results in difficulties over its management and recovery.

Debt is only incurred by those who have low incomes or non- income generating avenues. The rich, the experienced and even the poor get entangled in debt due to various circumstances. Businesses can suddenly collapse depending on the prevailing circumstances or even strategies of an individual. These circumstances will not be overshadowed may be by the level of experience, age of an individual or even gender. Every individual is faced with the problem of getting involved in debts. At one point or another in life, these people will be faced with difficulties in managing these debts. As far as they occur, they have taken the path of overwhelming the efforts or plans of an individual to manage. This is the principle reason why they are fundamentally termed as debts. There are therefore no common traits among individuals who have difficulties in the managing of debts in their business and daily lives

The Importance of the Study

This study has great influences on the nature and causes of the problems that business transactions undergo in life. The study will thus help in the management of debt problems among individuals and companies.

Research on debts is a major undertaking that helps to know the level of debt recovery among the people. This could be a tool that will help to come up with some ways of making sure that these debts are not incurred again by many individuals in a company or even any other organization. One of the methods involves the people's involvement in making sure that they have a budget that will assist the family, individuals and even companies in the way in which they carry out their transactions.

The research carried out will intensify the need to avoid the accumulation of debts among individuals either in an organization or even as a family. This will assist is the proper management of business deals among the members of the organization and the company as a whole. The families, individuals and even groups will be compelled to carry out any business transaction with reason that debts must not be accumulated.

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