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In the study of organizational networks and influence of a firm, it is vital to use different organizational theory perspectives. This is because the characteristics of large firms can be extensive and with a wide coverage. Therefore, looking at a company from one perspective might limit the extent to which a certain company can be studied. Apple Inc. is an ideal example of a company to study. In the study of this organization, the essay has used two main perspectives which include, modernism and post modernism. These two perspectives will be of utmost aid, since they will even give the general view of an individual. Therefore, they will make use of relative factors and leave room for significant arguments instead of offering unchanging explanations.

The Theoretical Framework

The Apple Company is vital for the growth of other small businesses. This is because it could achieve success by outsourcing to these organizations. For this reason, company can acquire numerous strategies, as well as man power, which aid in the contribution to the success journey. The two theoretical perspectives that have been used in this essay are most influential. Postmodernism holds the point that things do not just have the scholarly explanations that are offered in different places. Instead, it is based on the realism that occurs to the min as the topic in question under this study. For example, many people have always been against the policies that have always been applied by Apple. However, that does not mean that this essay must be reliant on these findings and thoughts by other people (Kirst-Ashman 2008). The other perspective, modernism, refers to the modern practice, thought or character. It draws conclusions from findings and results that have been achieved in the past. Therefore, these are two perspectives, which exhibit a sharp contrast in the characteristics, as well as the usage, in the study. In postmodernism, the theories that will be used are literary criticism, philosophy and art. In modernism, the main theories that will be used are culture and society.

Applying the Perspectives and Theories to Analyze Apple

When Apple Company is mentioned, technology and gadgets, which deal with technology, come to the mind of the listener. It is an American cooperation that deals with electronics, personal computers and the respective software. After Samsung and Nokia Companies, Apple is ranked third, among the mobile phone producing companies. It is also regarded as the most admired company in the world (Daft 2012). However, any large company must have people who are against it and are interested in its downfall; some just express their negative views on the company. Therefore, there are many people, even scholars, who believe that the policies and strategies applied by Apple are not favorable. However, these strategies still work and make it one of the most successful companies in the world.

Postmodernism has many theories that can be used in the study of the influence that Apple has on the people. The first theory is literary criticism. There may be some writers who have inaccurate works. Some writers are not even reliable in the work that they do. However, this cannot cause anyone to disregard all the written work. There is exceptional value in terms of something that has already been researched. The fact that Apple is a large company is vivid to the eyes of the whole world. All the activities, in which Apple gets involved, have to draw views from all over the world. For this reason, here are numerous written pieces that try to study, analyze and discuss the activities and influence of Apple. These written pieces are rich in information (Kakabadse 2004).

In the postmodernism perspective, the information in the written sources cannot be taken as it is. Postmodernism supports critical and analytical thinking. Through the facts that cannot be refuted and information in the relevant sources, there can be clear conclusions drawn on the organizational structure of Apple. The sources that speak negatively of Apple could be most vital. The parties involved could check to make sure that the information is well compared. The conclusions that have been put across by the other sources should not act as the real conclusions of the evaluation. Through this criticism, there would be an achievement of an analytical report that can study the organizational structure of Apple.

The other theory that could prove beneficial in postmodernism is philosophy. This is the branch that deals with the study of fundamental problems that occur naturally. These problems could be existent in reality or just in the mind. There are numerous problems that have already been discussed by many scholars, regarding Apple Company. However, there are some problems that are not just visible for the eye of the normal researcher. This is the reason why it is necessary to use of different perspectives in the study of this organizational structure and its influence on business. The outsourcing of other companies means that there are always other parties involved with Apple activities. Whenever there are collisions between two parties, this is an implication of problems born. These problems could be direct or indirect (De Wit 2010). When using a philosophical approach, it might be right to say that the unmentioned problems are more than those that have already been mentioned. Therefore, the consequences and effects of the organizational structure of the company cannot be totally exhausted. Therefore, use of a philosophical perspective can come up with aspects that can prove to be extremely vital in ensuring a thorough study.

Arts can also provide firsthand information about an organization. This is because visual representations do not need explanations. The best way to look at these visuals is with a critical eye. Criticizing a piece of work does not only serve to correct it, but also to come up with views that might not be brought up by other people. There are many pictorial representations of the activities, in which Apple is involved. These pictures can function to provide firsthand information, which can be useful in ensuring that the study is conducted thoroughly and efficiently. However, from the postmodernism perspective, these pictures cannot just be relied on for sufficiency of information. This is because there is more than just what may seem real to the eye. Therefore, this investigation and study can even be carried in the organization on a current basis. In this case, one would ensure that events are analyzed any as they unfold. The advantage of this approach is that one can obtain firsthand information (Nelson 2012).

Postmodernism does not take information as it appears. Instead, it makes sure that the information is first available, and further research is conducted. Therefore, in all the above named theories, firsthand information is vital for the achievement of the required goal. Therefore, the best study is the one, which is carried out on the basis of present times, because, in this case, there is no room for doubt. One is sure that the information is not outdated, and its accuracy cannot be doubted either. This is the sound basis with which modernism can function (Tallman 2007). However, this does not mean that it cannot deal with any research, which is already finalized. There can still be use of the works of other people. However, these works are treated with the utmost discretion and caution. This prevents drawing of conclusions that may not be based on accurate information.

The other perspective is modernism which deals with the modern way of thinking. This perspective will incorporate the modern and present technologies in the investigation. First of all, the study of the cultural tendencies can be vital in making sure that the organizational structure of Apple is well studied. Companies produce new and different products every day. These products always have an impact on the people that use them (Bird 2005). This means that every product causes arising variety of views from consumers who are involved with their consumption. However, these views could be positive, as well as negative. Some products may crash with the culture of the people who are viewed as the consumers. Therefore, these products can suffer rejection in some societies. Therefore, this is an ideal way to determine whether the policies of a company are favorable.

There are some products that go beyond the cultural limitations. A company may produce something that is irresistible to purchase for people of all cultures. This means that the influence of that the company has vastly increased. However, this cannot happen unless the organizational structure of the company is intact with its strategy. There is also the extent to which the products of a company can influence the culture of a certain market. Some companies even transform the culture of a place of sales completely. This is a vital factor in determining the influence of the company on the people considered to be the consumers. However, the product of a company must not be the sole factor influencing the change. There can be a preexisting change, and the product becomes part of the change (Mayer 2004). This can also be a gauge of the influence that the company has on its consumers. In return, this shows that the company is well organized and has well laid down strategies.

Unlike postmodernism, which functions under conditions of present times ideally, modernism deals with the experiences and activities of an individual or group of individuals. Therefore, the past, which binds the society together, is pivotal in determining the credentials, ability and organization of a company (Schermerhorn 2011). Therefore, this brings the research to another factor that can help determine the influence that the organization has on the people. If the organization enjoys a favorable culture, despite limitations which have been placed in the society, this proves that the firm has a strong organizational structure. There are some firms which have their business activities in the wrong areas. This is an ideal demonstration of incompetence of the team that is involved in the outline of strategies. However, if a firm and its products are accepted in a certain society, this shows that the products are excellent and are in the right place. Therefore, this manifestation can prove that the firm is largely influential.

Apart from acceptance by the society, there is the issue of acceptance by the authorities. There have been companies that produce substandard products. Authorities always set standards which have to be met by the companies that produce definite products. In this consideration, modernism can come into the picture. The credentials and record of this company can be monitored to find out its collisions with the authorities. Minimal conflicts and collisions with the rules, laws and standards set by the authorities show an organization that has a well-defined organizational structure. There is also the factor of influence, because if the company has a strong relationship with the government, it will not suffer from penalties and fines. Furthermore, in this case, the company’s acts and products are reliable and suitable for the consumer. Therefore, if the Apple Company has a positive record, this proves that the company produces goods that are favorable for the consumers (Segal-Horn 2010). These are goods that cannot harm the people who are going to be using them. However, if the company produces goods that can affect the health of the consumers, this shows that the organization’s structural levels are as low as the performance. Such companies cannot have the success that is exhibited by Apple Company. Therefore, this verification can be made by studying the past of this company. This wraps up the investigation after dealing with the companies and consumers.

Therefore, the organization of Apple Company can not only be judged from the strategies that have been laid. It will also be derived from the effect that it has on the society. The best way to achieve this is to study the society that acts as the consumer. In the case of Apple, this study would not prove hard. There are some firms whose consumers feature highly unique areas. However, the consumers of Apple Company are found in all parts of the world. Therefore, the effect that the product has on the society is easy to gauge since the effects are global. The study of the society can be conducted using both of the perspectives that have been used in the essay. This would make sure that the research has been utterly exhausted. This might be a process that may not seem to be a direct reflection of the organizational structure. However, it can gauge the influence that the company has on the people who are regarded to as its consumers. This is so, because the consumers get firsthand information on the reliability and organization of the company (Doyle 2008). The number of consumers can also tell how the company has influenced the market and how it competes with other companies. The Apple Company is in an industry that has many potential competitors. Therefore, conquering this competition can be viewed as a great success. It is a sign of a well-organized company.

Outsourcing to other companies does not only involve taking their policies and strategies into account. It also may include the taking over some of the employees of these smaller companies. Therefore, there is a relationship with these companies that should be taken into consideration. An issue of outsourcing companies is a tricky one since the companies can be of negative influence on the outsourcing company. Therefore, the competence and adaptability of a company can be gauged through its relationship with other companies that come together and pool resources with it. This is crucial in gauging the ability of the company to organize the activities. This is the factor, for which reason the company should make sure that the outsourcing occurs in an organized manner. Therefore, the views of these firms can determine how they feel about their relationship (McPhail 2010). Apart from looking at the society, the firms have a close relationship with the company. Therefore, their views are a clear reflection of the organization of Apple Company.

Contribution of the company on the economy also shows and proves the organization of the company. The Apple Company is a multinational one which makes contributions to the economy of America. Through the modernism perspective, the company’s past can be studied. It is a direct way to make sure that the investigation is carried out efficiently. This is a straightforward way for the process. This is because the performance of a company directly corresponds to the organizational network. The more a company is organized; the better is its performance and competitiveness in the market (Straubhaar 2009). In the long run, only companies that have favorable strategies survive. Therefore, this report would require a thorough dig up into the past to determine the extent to which organization in the company has helped it to fair in the market.

After the information has been drawn, it does not have to be used as it is. There are other factors that can be drawn by the use of postmodernism perspective. This is where the information has to be reviewed and critically analyzed. This can be achieved by critically looking at the findings or by means of comparison with other sources. There are other sources, which have been published about the Apple Company. These can be used to complement the findings in the information that has been provided. In other words, the research carried out is not self-sufficient (Boje 1993). There has to be other factors and information sources that can act as a basis of comparison. Unlike other examples that have been provided, this is an act that will require the use of both modernism and postmodernism perspectives. They have to be used together to make sure that correct and extensive data has been covered. It also goes ahead to make sure that this information is well utilized and that no single detail is left out in the analysis.


The essay proves that the both modernism and post modernism perspectives are satisfactory in evaluating the mentioned factors about a firm. This displays the importance of conducting a research using different perspectives. It ensures that the findings come from research and analyses that are exhaustive. By means of using the above named theories and perspectives, it is possible to come up with a solid conclusion on the influence and the organizational network of the company, in question. In the essay, the postmodernism perspective has helped to come up with ways in which the investigation can be carried out. Through this perspective, the researcher could think outside the box. The modernism perspective helps in making sure that the society is studied with relation to the company.

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