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The present dissertation research is dedicated to the exploration of the latest trends in on-line advertising and its role for an effective business development. The investigation of the latest trends in advertising,  and online advertising in particular, would be carried out in the light of the following issues: the four stages model of the digital form of marketing organization, five core success factors of the digital system of marketing development, efficiency of online advertising and the ways of its achievement, positive aspects and advantages of online advertising, core problems of online marketing, and further expectations from the electronic marketing (Mack 2011, p. 2).

The core purpose of the dissertation research is outlining the key advantages of the effective online advertising and online trade for the enterprises.

The concept of online advertising would be discussed in order to evaluate the role of its effective organization, development and practical implementation and, as a result, the competitive advantage of the company.

The dissertation research is based on the principles of effectiveness of the new information and communication technologies rationality and the effectiveness of their practical implementation. An additional attention in the research would be paid to the innovative technologies that should be introduced into the activity of the companies, which are directly interrelated with high technologies and technological innovations as the core competitive advantage in the particular industry.

Stanford-Smith and Kidd (2000, p. 399) prove that the new age of informational technologies implies a constantly changing business environment in the area of computer technologies, and that is why winning the competition in this case is the key objective, even while comparing it with all other factors of running the business. That, in turn, means that all the participants of the market should develop their business strategies and marketing campaigns, in particular in such manner that they would guarantee the durable competitive advantage of their products.

That is why the core aim of the dissertation research is identifying the extent of contribution of online advertising to the competitive advantage of the enterprises of the 21st century.

While taking into account the fact that online advertising is a very important factor for the e-business, it is necessary to pay additional attention to the fact that it may be applied as the main tool for winning over additional shares of the market. That is why the company which operates in the area of e-business should focus on its specific niche and on procurement, distribution, and delivery strategies. In particular, it should also pay additional attention to differentiation and cost leadership.


 In order to carry out the dissertation research, the literature, which covers the areas of the researched objectives, has been investigated in the following directions. In the article of Jim Munz, the main emphasis is made on ten core problems of online marketing and advertising. Several articles, available on the web sites of the companies which occupy the leading positions on their markets, manifest the latest online media advertising trends and advantages of online advertising (Exchange for Media 2012, p. 2-4). The authors consider that online advertising is a widely discussed issue in all countries. In addition, the authors think that the changeable and competitive world of advertising may be reflected in online advertisements in the best possible manner (Rosso 2010, p. 12).

Finally, Shayne McQuade, Robert Waitman, Michael Zeisser, and Alexa Kierzkowski in their article Marketing to the Digital Consumer develop the idea that in the process of development of the new system of marketing which implies online collaboration with the potential clients, the five core success factors should be taken in account. The dissertation research will cover the basic trends of online trade and advertising industry, and the related literature sources would be investigated (Shayne et al. 2010, p. 4-6).



The core purpose of the dissertation research is the evaluation of the impact of the innovative approach towards the online advertising development. The additional attention would be paid to the fact how the effective online advertising may assist the company’s development and its reaching the leadership positions in the particular market, which is changeable and highly competitive.

In the scope of this dissertation research, the major functions and trends of online advertising would be investigated.  The core aspect of investigation would imply the customer relationship management, which is a very urgent topic for the companies involved into the on-line relations with the clients.

The current situation in the online advertising trends would be scrutinized in this dissertation research. In addition, the background of such aspect of an effective marketing campaign as online trade and advertising would be considered and evaluated. The main source of information would be online statistics, an official web site of the company, and economic studies concerning online advertising.

Another aspect of research in scope of this dissertation will cover the problems of relationships with the customers and developing the effective tools for managing these problems. Also, the strategies to be adopted by the company which has online business would be developed at the end of the research. The core purpose of the above listed strategies implies getting the competitive advantage and keeping the position of an important participant in the particular market.

Finally, the research would be dedicated to the analysis of the main factors which make their impact on the online advertising practical implementation and the customer relationship management. In particular, it is going to apply such tools as e-commerce and eventual bench marketing in order to develop a working guideline for the effective online advertising in the particular industry.

The practical importance of the dissertation research is developing such a pattern of the business environment, which may encompass the core functions of online advertising. That is why the main aim of the dissertation research is developing the model of the maximally effective online advertising campaign in order to contribute to the competitive advantage of the organization, while taking in account the current trends of making business online. That is why the expected contribution of this research is addressing the main problems, which currently face online business, and, according to these problems, developing the set of strategies which, in turn, would result in the process improvement and assist in the maintenance of the highest levels of motivation for the personnel, employed in the organization.



The methodology of the dissertation research would be considered in the light of five following aspects: research perspective; research design; data collection; scope and limitations

4.1 Research Perspective

Saunders et al. (2003) define three components of the research perspectives: the positivist, the interpretivist perspectives, and the realistic approach. This dissertation research would be developed in accordance with the basic rules of the interpretivist approach, which implies the continuum investigation of the research questions. Such choice may be supported by the fact that the nature of the question is descriptive and that is why the fundamentals of online advertising would be described. The main emphasis of the research would be made on distinguishing among the existing online advertising trends in gaining the competitive advantage. The additional attention in the process of research would be paid to the pros and cons of the currently existing models of online marketing campaigns and the critical evaluation of the e-business effectiveness would be carried out.

While taking into account the fact that the dissertation research has a descriptive nature, its core aim is representing the facts about the current situation in the online advertising trends. In addition, the conditions, systems, and events, based on the opinions of the respondents would also be investigated in the process of the research (Creswell 1994).

4.3 Research Design

The multi-method approach would be applied in the dissertation research for the pertinent data collection. It is possible to consider two advantages of such an approach: first of all, according to Saunders et al. (2003), different methods may be applied for meeting several goals and, from the other hand, the possibility for triangulation occurs.

For this dissertation research, the survey has been chosen due to the fact that it enables gathering a large amount of data from population. (Saunders et al. 2003). The questionnaires would include two parts. The first part would cover the basic information about the researcher. The second one would include eight categories. The categories would be developed in accordance with the foundations of the previously reviewed literature.

Another method, which would be applied for the research is the case study method which, in turn, implies the “strategy for doing research which involves an empirical investigation of a particular contemporary phenomenon within its real life context using multiple sources of evidence.” (Robson 2002). The practical implementation of the case study would imply the telephone interviews due to their convenience and low costs.

4.4 Data Collection

For the data collection in the dissertation research, both qualitative and quantitative approaches would be applied.

In the process of the qualitative study, both primary and secondary data would be analyzed. The primary source of information implies the direct interviews and questionnaires. Such data would be applied for developing the detailed definitions of the terms, which are applied in the research.

The secondary sources of information imply the online information, publications in scientific journals and the related studies in management and corporate management in particular. For this dissertation research, using the secondary sources of data is more effective and convenient due to the fact that they are already organized, classified, and condensed.

4.5 Scopes and Limitations

The research would be centered on the core trends of online advertising and its competitive advantage. All the business aspects, which are related to online advertising, would also be investigated in the light of the central idea.

Finally, the impact and the efficiency of the current online advertising for the relationships with customers would be investigated in order to focus the dissertation on the customer relationship management.

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