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Check Out Our The Broward Experiment Essay

Dependent variable

Dependent variable in this experiment refers to the reoccurence of violence that is measured by the respondent's standing in each study presented in table four of the pre-experimental design in the Broward experiement. Note that this studies measures the stand of the respondent after applying the experiemntal intervention (batterers' treatment) on the experimental stimulus. The pre-experiemental design which has fourteen studies examines the efficacy of the cognitive approach which is then used when counseling the couple. However, the study uses typically small sample size though minimal uses 100 or more samples (Shelly et al. 2003).

Independent and control variables

The independent and control variables on the hand refers to the meta-analyses of the menneapolis and the SARP experiments.  The purpose of these experiments is to show that the criminal justice inferences might be conteplating by variables that are connected to the conformity of the offender's stake. There was information collected during the investigation of the impacts of intervention experiment while the conformity variables were under control. The collection was done on the employment status of batterer, his age, his residential stability and his marital status (Fader & Forde, 2000). The group assignment and the treatment received were a examined by the experimental manipulation that included the independent variables.

The other variables that were included in these experiments include the experiment versus control assignment and the attendend domestic violence session number. The interaction term was very crucial since the men were forced to attend classes. At the beginning, the interaction term was used to examine the compulsory attendance. The outcomes of these experiments are well shown on the SARP design table. Therefore, the indepndent variables are those displayed by the SARP experiment as well as the menneapolis experiment and the are violence occurrence as well as shown by the results of the two experiments (Fader & Forde, 2000).

The target population and the micro-model for the Program

According to the experiments shown in the Broward Experiment, the target population for the program is the men of average age who are mostly involved in different types of cases in the court. In fact, all the experiment used the men meaning that they were the majority of the people who were assessed in the court (Shelly Jackson et al. 2003). Therefore, it also means that they are mostly involved in crime commitment than the women. Besides, most of the surveys used in this study involve men committing crime either against the women sometimes their wives and against their sons and daughter. This is a good proof to show that the target population for the study is the men. The results acquired in this experiment are very useful to this people because eventually they provide solutions to criminology in the US.

The micro-model for this program is the fact that the results accumulated from all the experiments and surveys can be meaningful for preparation of the annual crime rate statistics of the state (Fader & Forde, 2000). The FBI in identifying the areas that are mostly affected by crime rate can as well use them. Once these areas have been identified, the police forces can work out to minimize those rates. The program is expected to work out wonderfully because most surveys have been covered as well as many researches which were used in the experiment that is likely to provide some significant solutions to the criminology.

The findings from the study

 There were no significant differences observed in the experimental and control groups. Their behaviors, attitudes and beliefs concerning the domestic violence remained almost the same after the experiments. The control and experimental groups are likely to get involved in both minor and severe partner abuse as per the self-reports of the offenders and the victims reports. Moreover, there were no great significance in maintenance differences between the two groups in official measures of recidivism like arrests and violation of probation (VOP).however, the competing program of the batterers' lessened high probability of re-arrests and VOPs  for both control and experimental conditions (Shelly Jackson et al. 2003). This was later suppressed by the fact that probation violence and arrests were linked to the counseling group assignment. Therefore, the program intervention did not work out efficiently.

Internal Validity

Internal validity refers to the conclusions drawn from results of the study that do not outline exactly what occurred in the study. The main problem with internal validity is the fact that these misleading information in the study may lead to incorrect conclusion being made from the study as well as wrong measures being undertaken.

Treatment integrity

This refers to the measures that can be undertaken to solve the problems exposed by the experiment including the internal validity (Fader & Forde, 2000). The only problem that occurs at this point is that the dangers posed by the internal validity can lead to coming up with correct or good solutions to non-existing problems.

External Validity

The external validity refers to the outside environment that is most of the time neglected to what is applied in the experiment. However, the external Validity is sometimes important because it influences the results of the study in one way or the other. For example, when the offenders are harassed in the outside environment by the authority they are likely not to express the whole issue smoothly from their heart due to being depressed or sad. The authors in the study were also able to realize the problem in the external validity as well as how this affected the internal validity. 

Ethical problems in the study

The main problem is that the courts are supposed to effect change by mandating the convicted men over domestic violence to baterrer treatment. The problem is that the courts are sometimes unfair and come up with decisions that are not precise (Fader & Forde, 2000). The courts normally favor other people especially the prominent people in the society who get involved in corruption by bribing the judges and the people involved. The other offenders who are not able of giving bribes to the judges are normally harrassed and jailed for long period of time having commited a slight crime.

Recommendation on Jurisdiction

This program is not suitable for my jurisdiction because of several reasons. To begin with, the program was not able to come up with significant solutions to the experimental and control groups. The behaviours and the attitudes of the experimental groups were almost same meaning that the program had no impact on them (Shelly Jackson et al. 2003)

If it was not able to bring significant changes to the jurisdiction where it was implemented then it means that it cannot work at my local jurisdiction as well. The judges are not able to present precise assignment to the experimental and controlled group by ordering the men into experimental conditions in the each court. Therefore, they will as well fail to do the same in my jurisdiction thus I cannot recommend the program to be implemented in my jurisdiction.

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