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At the present age, there are quite a number of Universal Health Care (UHC) models used by countries which are very efficient in terms of costs and service delivery. Germany, Britain, Japan and Taiwan among others are examples which have used a Universal Health Care model. There is a growing concern over how the United States of America, Canada and the UK in the manner in which they make use of Universal Health Care models. The United States for instance spends about 15.3% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare. The variation between the United States on health care spending as found with other nations is relatively large compared with other nations (Mahar 33-39). The differences have been as a result of the administration of health care policies. Countries which have done well in the health care system have had a very efficacious healthcare model used to structure the health policy (Hamilton par. 2-6). Whereas the United States and Canada can be said to have been putting effort in the health care system, the application of the a good model like the Beveridge Health Care model in UK would help a lot in cutting cost in a very dramatic way.

Background Information

The founders of the model of Beveridge Health Care system were both influenced through Marxists theoretical ideas and routed them in life to fight for what was considered as social justice.  The Beveridge Model of Health Care is a system which has been commonly linked with the United Kingdom and has been there for a period of more than six decades to present times. UK citizens pride themselves in the National Health Service (NHS) which is founded on the Beveridge Model. This NHS is run by the government and its function is to offer doctors and hospitals to the citizens who do not make any payment for any bill. Taxes in the United Kingdom are very much substantial than could be found in US and Canada .

Along with the government funded Beveridge model, there are also private choices that are present in the UK. Some citizens would go for the private health institutions however which have been more attentive and fancy compared to the government centers. However, it is only a small percentage of the entire population that goes for the private health centers (Webster 11-26). There are challenges experienced with the NHS related to queuing, service time duration and a communalistic nature of service delivery than an individualistic one. However, these challenges can be dealt with given the proper administration and monitoring of the process. The Beveridge model can be a good approach for any country that wants to cut down on the cost of health care.

The Beveridge Model system has been advocated for in the United States by politicians who alluded to it referring to it as socialized medicine.  In Canada, the health care system apparently shares a number of similar features with those found in the Beveridge model. However, there are some major differences in the Canada's healthcare model. It is true that no system of health care can be said to be absolutely perfect (Caulfield 12-34). There has ever been trade offs in any system ranging from citizens covered by longer waits, a costly system with good quality care for the selected few, or even doctors in States with nationalized or regulated systems which make little money than the doctors in America (World Health Organization 33-5).

The facts presented here are significant concerns that are affecting the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada at the present age (Hamilton par. 2-6). The United States health care system is very complex and muddled than in many other systems in the world. It is not expected that the citizens of America or the politicians will advocate fully in favor of the system of Beveridge model although there is a high chance that reforms will be realized in that nature and in a rightful manner making use of the Beveridge Model either in part of fully be integrated in the health care system.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study on the perception held on the Beveridge Model of Health Care on systems of health care is to address changing patterns in the health care system that needs new developments to cope up with. The modern world is becoming too complex and requires a swift approach in counteracting the changes that are being experienced in many aspects including health care and promoting the well being of all citizens with a given jurisdiction (Kolehamaine 1-14). With the increasing need of delivering health care to patients in the health care institutions, this study seeks to provide an efficacious synthesis of the Beveridge Model of Health Care aimed at supporting the welfare of the patient in the health care institutions. The study seeks to collect information on Beveridge Model of Health Care particularly in the UK, the US and Canada, critically evaluate it and determine the patterns of the process realized while delivering health care services to patients.

The study will further go to the extent reinforcing the positive patterns of the process while disputing the negative ones. The research will then lay out a foundation for designing probes into the negative patterns of the problem in study and evaluate the response based on the information got from such probes. Ultimately, the findings of the study will be used in promoting good organization and administration of health care services while seeking to enhance a collaborative atmosphere of service delivery and treatment in health care institutions as well. The focus of the study will enable unearthing of the know-how of the users of the Beveridge model within their traditions, culture or setting. The study generally seeks to make a communication that is needed that highlights the importance of implementing good health care systems which could help countries cut down on their expenses in health care. The findings are therefore expected to yield results that will help sustain our economies as countries.

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