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Thesis statement for the research paper - Team work is essential for the overall development of an organization and achieving functional efficiency.


Teamwork is the co-ordination of the activities of an organization with a view to achieve common goals and objectives. It is very essential for the development of the organization and attaining efficiency to sustain in a competitive environment. Therefore, the research on this topic is recommended in order to understand the topic of team work as well as its effect on an organization.

Aims and Objectives of the Research

The aim of this research is:

1) To identify the effectiveness of team work on an organization.

2) To study the relevance of team work.

Background of the research:

The background of this research is any organization because team work is needed in all organizations. Many of the tasks in an organization are today given to groups rather than individuals. Therefore, team work is a very essential component in an organization and thus it needs to be carefully studied for facilitating a better understanding of the concept and its implications.

Literature Review:

Vast volumes of literature are available on the topic. Since it is related to an organization, a large number of studies may have been conducted to investigate the topic of team work in detail. In the book, Effective Team Work: Practical Lessons from Organizational Research, by Michael A. West the author provides vast knowledge on the subject. The author says the perspectives on the topic team work have changed and organizations are now focusing on teams rather than individuals. "The team rather than individual is increasingly considered the basic building blocks of organizations." (West, 2004, P.8).

The author's viewpoint is that the creation of team is the best strategy which can be adopted in an organization for achieving the objectives of the strategies implemented by them. The author also recommends that team work increases knowledge in the organization and it paves the way for individual learning. The author supports team work as an important element in an organization because team works helps in developing as well as delivering of quality products and services in an organization.

In another literature by Christopher M. Avery, Meri Aaron Wlaker, Erin O Toole Murphy state that "Teamwork is an individual skill: getting your work done when sharing..." the authors supports the necessity of team work in an organization and states the importance of team work in an organization. The authors advocate that team work increases and strengthens individual performance because the team members regularly interact with each other, which binds the members of the team and each member of the team becomes responsible for his actions. "Team members expect to give and receive regular feedback from each other and, thereby, hold each other to agreed upon standards." (Avery, Walker, & Murphy, 2001, P.23).

According to the author team work creates team wisdom in an organization. The author further says that if team wisdom is accurately demonstrated in an organization then a strong work relationship can be created. "Employees in the vast majority of contemporary organizations are expected to work together in teams. However, the success with which organizations has effectively moved workers from traditional job functions to team structures have been mixed." (Valle, 2000, P.3).

Research Question:

Team work is one of the most important aspects of every organization. The study of factors associated with the learning development program in company generates different research ideas.

1. What are the steps made by the organization to develop work in the organization?

2. What is the importance of this topic in the organization?

Research Methodology:

Organizations across the countries are searching for various methods by which the quality of the employees and the team work which they exhibit can be increased. The necessary elements for the successful functioning of various organizations are its strategies that are used to attract and retain the customers. Research methodology is the basis of every research proposal. Research methodology used in this research is qualitative research design. Various types of qualitative methods like interview, questionnaire, and survey will be used to identify the relevance as well as effectiveness of team work in the organization.  "Regardless of subject matter, quality research goes a long way in benefiting an article's credibility, depth and legibility. Examination of historical and contemporary literature, events and individuals surrounding a topic can assist writers in developing new viewpoints, story angles and previously unheard of arguments." (Wallace, 2010).

Research Design:

The research design constitute the what, where, when and how of the research study. A research design is the conceptual configuration that consists of the blueprint for data collection. The research design will include what the researcher will do from the preparation of the hypothesis and the operational implications to the final analysis of the data. The objective of the study is to understand the relevance of the team work as well as the effectiveness of team work in the organization.

Data collection and Analysis:

The data should be collected first and it should be analyzed and on the basis of the investigation, it should be verified and employees who perform well should be given rewarded. Data is collected to recognize the relevance of team work as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of team work in organizations. Various methods can be used to accumulate data. The next task is to analyze the data so collected. "Any good entrepreneur will recognize the importance of data to the success of their business. There are a number of different types of data that any business owner will have to collect on a daily basis, whether it is customer survey results, data about the types of sales in different regions, the results of marketing strategies used or data relating to their daily operations." (Symonds, 2011). Team work in the workforce is one of the most important factors that will enable the workers to reduce costs and increase the overall profitability of the company.


Team work is usually used in the organization by a team in the direction of attaining common objectives. Leadership is one of the most important aspects that must be maintained at the time of team work. The ultimate aim of every organization is to achieve the long term goal. So, proper team work must be organized by the organization to achieve its objectives.

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