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The term paper sought to establish the significance of assessment of social work services taking Jewish Family Services, Bergen County as a case study. The organization was founded back in 1849, JFS having established itself as an outstanding provider of a spectrum of services for instance health, education as well as welfare needs. It engages in provision of services such as job search network, counseling and referrals, elder care services, college success, aid and advocacy, the living room and finally after school programs among others. Assessment refers to the entire process involves collection and analysis of information concerning people with the aim of clearly understanding their situation in order to determine recommendations for any further professional intervention.

There are various methods or mechanisms used to carry out assessment and include needs screening tools, PEP for refugees, good cause determination, intensive services assessment, necessity supplemental accommodations, disability assessment or SSI facilitation, good cause assessment, necessity supplemental accommodation, disability lifeline also known as progressive evaluation process (PEP) and e-JAS automated assessment. Assessment does take a number of days to be completed, however, depending on the needs assessment it can even take a shorter period of time.

It has been established that assessment of social work service is of paramount significance. It plays a major role in ensuring that the entire process of service delivery is a success. For instance, a good rapport is created where the involved parties engage in a friendly conversation where fears, weaknesses and strengths of the recipient are noted. With this, the provider can take these into consideration and develop a program that will suit the case at hand. On the other hand, there are those who deem the process to be of less necessity or even meaningless especially when there exist some previous records and there is no need of refurbishing the same especially when it is observed that it will not add value to the program. Lastly, in cases where the services needed are urgent, then assessment is unnecessary.

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