Human Resource management is important to the growth of an organization or company. Human resource management is of strategic importance to small and growing companies. The staffing and maintenance of performing employees forms an integral and strategic component of the overall growth of companies. The right staffing is of strategic importance to the expansion and growth of a company. The increase in demand for the services or products a company provides requires addition of work force in order to facilitate the effective service delivery. The addition of personnel should incorporate the concerns of standard and quality in order to ensure that the organization lives up to the expectations of the consumers. This research paper gives a crucial analysis of the Strategic Importance of Human Resource Management.

Background to the problem: Poor human resource management negatively affects the performance of the organization due to issues of   poor quality service and products. The growth of an organization or a company has certain challenges that can result in poor quality products because of the inability of personnel to cope with bulk orders or mass production hence resulting in consumer and customer dissatisfaction. Human resource management of a company can help it strategically maintain its image especially in cases where the organization or company enjoys recognition in the industry and is keen on expanding its operations (Dale, 1997). The human resource management therefore enables the organization or company to maintain its status, reliability and proceed with their expansion activities (Stephen 2000).

Proper management of the human resource allows the leaders of the organization to concentrate on expansion of the organization and company and to focus on improving the product itself. In this, case the Human Resource Department need to ensure that the personnel of the organization are working towards the attainment of the goals of the organization. The Human Resource Department need to ensure that the employees of the organization clearly understand the long term mission, goals  and vision of the organization  and motivate the personnel to contribute towards the realization of the goals set out by the company (Kathy ,2001)..

The human resource management is of strategic importance to the progress and growth of the company and the organization since the human resource department is able to boost the overall performance of the organization by setting out the performance standards for the employees thus identifying teething problems ,non performing or under performing  employees. The Human resource management is crucial in facilitating compliance to the standards and tasks by the personnel of the organization or company.  The professionals in human resource management should identify efficient processes and   carry out effective staffing for the intended activities thus improving the approach and systems necessary for the crucial operations of the company thus reducing the workforce hours, improve the standards, elevate quality and streamline processes (McNamara ,2007).

Proper communication forms an integral part of human resource management based on the size of the organization and ensuring that communication among the employees is effective. With proper communication, the personnel of the organization are able to build a culture of trust and promote a working environment where everyone understands and shares the goals of the organization. To achieve the optimum levels of communication the human resource professionals, the employees and management should work together in realizing that there is effective communications among them (Price ,2007).

In conclusion, it is important to note that human resource management can be of strategic importance to the company or organization by seriously considering the development of employees in order to enable them measure up to the completion especially when the organization gives them a reason why the employees need to be excellent in the delivery of their services. This entails motivating the employees and personnel of the organization by promoting continuous growth, benefits and right compensation.

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