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The data for the study shall be gathered from both secondary and primary sources. Questionnaires and interviews used to collect data from the filed for the purpose of this study. The respondents will be senior managers, subordinates, students, scholars, professors, engineers’ supervisors and various development stakeholders. The questionnaires will contain issues related to the topic of the research. The respondents should know that their rights and their anonymity should be guaranteed before they participate in the study (Trochim, 2006).

The primary source of data for this research work will be collected from the field. The primary data for this study will mainly be collected from students, scholars, industrialists, entrepreneurs among other people who are well informed about the development issues that have taken place in Silicon Valley in comparison to the developments. The primary data forms the basis of analysis the development that has taken place in the valley; it will also help to assess the perception of the people of Dubai in relation to the developments projects that have taken place in this prestigious Silicon Valley. The data will focus on how the people perceive the development in terms of social, economic and cultural context (Rocco, Hatcher & Creswell,  2011).

On the other hand, the secondary source of data for this research work will be case studies, scholarly journals and various forms of literature in relation to business development as well as economic development. The data that will be used in the study is the one that focuses in the Silicon Valley developments as well as the developments in Dubai. The studies will help in analyzing from the scholarly point of view the extent to which development in Dubai is similar to the developments in the Silicon Valley.

Collection of data

The collection of the data from the field will be done through an online questionnaire. The online questionnaire will be conducted by Survey Head one of the online company that carry outs various surveys on different issues. The study will ensure that the target group all able to fill the questionnaires and return them on time. The questionnaire will contain 25 questions divided into five subsections each section will be having five questions (Gauch, 2003).

 The questions will be related to the developments issues related to Dubai in comparison to the developments that have taken place in Silicon Valley. Those who will take part in this online survey must have good understanding of the developments that have taken place in Dubai in terms of business growth, industrial growths as well as other forms of developments that have contributed to the drastic economic growth in Dubai. The respondents must also be people who are aware of the developments that have taken place in Silicon Valley.

Exposure assessment

It is important to ensure that the data that is collected is reliable as well as ensuring that those who are providing the data are fully exposed to the issues relating to the subject of the study. Every respondent will be required to fill a pretrial test in order to ensure that they are well informed about the issue of the survey. This will help in ensuring that the data collected is reliable (Creswell, 2008).

Data management

The data that is collected from the field will be protected to ensure that it is reliable and readily available for the purpose of analyzing it. The data collected from the online survey will be printed and then analyzed. The data should also be managed well to ensure that it is credible and it confidentiality is managed. Survey Head Company limited is the company that will be solely responsible with managing the data that is collected form the online study. The data will be separated into two categories for the purpose of managing it. The first category will include data that is relevant to the study and the other category will include the data that is not related to the study.

Data analysis strategies

Data analysis is very crucial to the research as it will involve determining how the data collected is related to the study. The data collected is from a reliable source. Data analysis will involve finding the agreement between the various feedback received from the respondents. The strategies that will be used to analyze the data will be usage of business processes models, computer simulation, balanced score card and bench marking. The strategies will aid in coming up with strong models that are understandable by the intended audience.

Ethics and human subject issues

The data collection process will ensure that the rights of the respondents are respected by ensuring that their animosity is maintained. The ethical issues in the research work will be highly maintained by ensuring that the data analysis process is not biased. The respondents’ will be allowed to withdraw from the online survey at any time they want. The data collected will not be manipulated to suit the needs of any specific group. The findings of the research will remain confidential until the appropriate time for making the findings known comes.


The entire research project will take six months. The first month will be preparation of the required materials to facilitate collection of the data such as drafting and preparation of the survey questionnaires. The second and the third months will involve collection of the data. The final three months will involve analysis , presentation of the results and writing up of the final essay in relation to the findings of the study.

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