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The article, 'Social Media Can't Provide What Social Change Has Always Required' from the New Yorker describes a small change in the world. It is described by a case study whereby some four college students in North Carolina were able to organize a demonstration. This was successful within a night by the use of social website-Facebook and Twitter to bring together and organize people. The Western journalists could not manage this because they assumed people on the ground, they were left surprised. The political leaders tried to have these sites closed after realizing the effects they had on the social status.

This protest managed to have a minor change in Greensboro because initially it was known to be a place where racial insubordination was common. The four fishermen who started the movement and were in the same dormitory were well organized and always in touch. The internet enabled them to exploit the power of the distant connection and within a short while more than enough number of people joined the movement. The social networks were effective to increase motivation, participation and involvement.

Why it is so difficult to develop drugs for cancer: The treatment

Why it is so difficult to develop drugs for cancer is another article of the treatment from the New Yorker; it concerns the world research on the treatment of cancer. This is explained by describing a simple experiment of the drugs to test their effects on the treatment of the disease. Two samples are used: control arm and treatment arm in which some cancer patients are left in a control room without access of the drug and others are administered the drug and data is collected on the observation made. Millions of dollars are spend on the efforts to search for the drugs to treat the complications of cancer but people are still dying of the same. The researchers only come up with thousands of pages of the data collected, patients involved and toxicological issues examined. The article also explains many incidences in which the medical professionals like Bahcall had encounters with patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses and how they try to treat them.

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