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One of the most outstanding factors and features concerning situational approach to leadership is that it is one of the most applied forms of leadership, especially, in countries, states and organizations that seek to achieve growth and development in their sets of goals and strategies. This is the reason why this form and approach of leadership has been in many countries, governments and organizations across the world, particularly, those seeking to achieve development. At the same time, situational approach to leadership has, also, been one of the most common forms of leadership in organizations, companies and corporations that have a humanistic approach to leadership. However, even with its adopting in all these areas of everyday leadership, there have been many weaknesses related to this form of leadership (Hunt, 2004, p. 95).

There has been arguments and criticism, however, that this form of leadership, whereby various leadership and management scholars insist that situational form of leadership only favors and works best in the higher ranks of leadership in an organization, but has worse effects on the lower levels of leadership and organizational structures. Some of these lower levels of leadership include the subordinate levels of an organization, which are the founding pillars of every organization or system of leadership. However, contrary to these claims, situational approach to leadership is not ill-defined and simplistic in these lower levels of an organization. In any case, they are favorable to these levels of leadership, because any changes that take place in the lower levels of an organization highly affect the corporation or organization, especially, the from a work force perspective. With the application of situational approach in the affected organization, therefore, implementing changes to counter the change in the affected department, for example, is easier, because situational approach is a flexible approach (Carlisie, 2003, p. 177). 

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