Sexuality in radio in America brought issues due to the effects this was having on the population and people of America. Other than being thought to be a propellant of immorality, it was also associated with racist ideas, which were though to be perilous to national unity. Loose women and lavender men were thought to be people who talked in a way of praising sex and thus immorality as if it was not so big a deal. The National Broadcasting Corporation thought this had to be countered before it was too late.


The radio shows which include The Golden Age Radio Comedy, the Jack Benny Show, and the Chase, The Sanborn Hour and The Mae West Part 1 and 2 had certain effects on the citizens of America. These include: They were thought to be spreading immorality among people. The shows were believed to be propagating immorality among people. This was also seen as a compromise on family values so that there were conflicts between married couples. Men were going out of wedlock and so were women and this was seen as disastrous to family life (Love, 2006).

The youths were also getting affected. The programs were enticing the young people to engage in premarital sex so that they could try out on what the programs were propagating. This was also an erosion of values among young people.

The programs were also associated with a greater prevalence of sexually transmitted infections. This was due to young people and the whole society in general engaging in immorality.  Cases of school drop outs were also on the rise. Early sex life among young people was resulting to pregnancy cases and inevitably young people had to drop out of school so as to take care of their kids. This was seen as compromising on education, which was supposed to serve the purpose of eliminating ignorance.

Racism was also being propagated by the programs. It was being preached that people of different races should not mingle or relate sexually and this brought concern among the citizens that were affected. It also compromised on unity in America hence was getting to dangerous levels.

Regulations were enforced regarding broadcasting of these programs. They were seen as an enemy to good morals and family life. Legislations had to be passed regarding the way the programs were run. It was made illegal to make proclamations that were seen as propagating immorality and compromising on family values.

The government made it clear that such programs need to follow procedure of screening before they are broadcast. It was also important that the audience be observed so the time factor came in place. Such programs were not supposed to be aired during the day in order to protect children from the influence of such factors.

Legal standards were also set for censorship of materials so as to protect America from degradation that was social related. It was an offence to broadcast obscene material that could have disastrous effects on the social stand of the people of America. This means that one could be prosecuted for this.

Information that is offensive to some people was also banned at all costs. The US government made it clear that individuals found propagating information that was offensive to others would face charges for the offences in a court of law.  All those factors were supposed to act as a deterrent and also to protect the interests of the public and the society in general. Without this, things were getting out of hand. The society would have otherwise decayed into a lawless one, where the media would propagate as obscene material as it supposed was fit for watching. It was important to have rules to this effect.

The groups that were angered include the media owners. These are the people who own radio stations. They argued that censoring what was being broadcast was a way of denying the media the freedom of expression, which was well engrossed in the constitution of the land. The media owners, however, were doing this for their own interests since they would not make as much profits as there initially since the shows attracted huge following from the citizens of the USA.

Some deep fans and supporters of the programs were also angered by the move. They had become followers of the programs and thus their censorship would deny them a chance to get what they wanted from the programs. They wanted obscene language to be used, since this is how they derived pleasure from the programs.

Sex workers in the streets and brothels were also annoyed by the governments move to censor radio programs relating to sexuality. They were on the streets to do business and knew that through propagation of immoral and obscene stuff by the government on the media, they would have a chance to get a larger following and clients. The censorship motive, however, was supposed to check on immorality in the society, which was contrary to the motives of the sex workers (Hilmes, 2002).

Church groups, however, thought that this was progressive. The church thought this was important, since the programs were a contravention on the standards of morality in the society. It was for the idea that the family, being a very important basic organ, must be preserved. Immorality was not matching up to this, and thus, had to be restricted for if the family was to be spared. The church was also of the opinion that propagating immorality was against the doctrines taught in the bible as the bible is very categorical against acts of immorality (Loviglio, 2005).

The National Broadcasting Corporation changed the times, at which the programs were broadcast. Most of them were pushed to late in the night, when children were asleep so as to control the audience that had access to the programs. They were designed for adults and as such had to remain. Such Drama as Chase, were cancelled by The National Broad Casting Corporation for some time pending investigation and seeking a perfect replacement, while changes were being made on the program.

NBC also took it upon itself to educate the public on the programs that were being broadcast on it. It became important that this be done, since the program seemed to be eroding moral standards. People seemed to be misreading the intention of the programs. Other than just obtain entertainment, some were going to the extent of trying out what was being broadcast. This was not the initial intention of the program, and thus, NBC saw the need for educating people.

NBC also ensures it stipulates the age bracket of persons supposed to watch certain programs before they started. This was a form of disclaimer such that a law suit against the company could not be successful (Ashby, 2006). The broadcasting corporation thus went ahead to protect the interests of the public and the children.  They were warned not to try anything that they watched or heard, because this was only meant for entertainment purpose and not to erode people’s mannerisms.


The society is an integral part that forms the government of any state. The interests of the public thus take priority over anything else. The governments of all states always seek to protect the public interests. As such, the radio shows had to be checked on.

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