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How to Manage Poor Performance and deviant work place Behavior?  

The main purpose of this research question is to try to understand the main causes of poor performances and deviance in the work place and the solutions or concepts to employ to come up with clear strategies to ensure growth. It is also trying to ensure that professionalism at the workplace is maintained to avoid unprofessionalism and bad behaviors.

Why I Chose the Topic

I undertook to research on employees behavior and their performance because they are core to the growth of any company be it the service or manufacturing firms. Many employers have ignored their staff mainly concentrating on, maximizing profit without realizing that if they made their staff nobody would need to worry about profits for they will be automatic.

It is important for every firm to ensure that they come up with procedures and policies which they will instill in their employees for them to be competent, comply with the rules of the company, and have care and good faith every time they are performing their duties. The senior staff should ensure that their staffs conduct themselves in a way which shows respect the space and rights of other people including their customers. All this should be in line with the firm's code of business and Ethics Code. These include how they relate to their customers, shareholders, suppliers, the government and even the surrounding neighbors'.

If a firm finds out that their staff is poorly performing they should conduct a quick investigation and come up with a corrective action which will conform to the existing legislation and fairness. The most important principles are the rules of natural justice and Fairness in every procedure carried out.          

Reason for the study

The main purpose for the study of this crucial subject is to identify which procedures has various firms employed and have been proved to be successful. I intend to carry my studies on the service industry. We know that good behavior and professionalism is very important for every service industry to excel. Without having efficient policies to manage employees' behavior the service industry is more than dead. This is so because this industry mainly deals with customers and these are the main stakeholders without whom they are out of business. The service industries I will carry my study on include Kenya Airways and British Airways. I chose the two airlines because 99% of their duties is serving the customers meaning their revenue will depend on the service they give to their clientele.

I will analyze the programs that have been employed by the two airlines in managing their employees' behavior, how they have benefited from them and what can be done to improve it further.

I will also study how they dealt with their employees' emotions, behavior and relationships. This is very useful because this attributes affect the success of any company and should be put in consideration for they are not included in the technical training. When senior managers understand their junior employees they will definitely perform better. On the other hand if your staff are happy they will stay longer and serve the customers better.

I will conduct my study in two service industry firms, mainly airlines. These are British and Kenya Airlines' will mainly get the views of the Human Resource managers and Public relation managers on what they have done so far to maintain professionalism and elegant behavior among their staff and their future plans for such existing programs and even new ones. Thereafter I will prepare some questionnaires to be answered mainly by their staff in different departments. Some of the questions in the questionnaire will include questions like; have the new programs employed by your bosses boosted your work relationships, communication and your general performance at work? What do you think can be done differently or even improved to make the programs successful?

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I will organize morning meetings with the managers for the whole one week. There then I will ask permission from the organizations to get access to some of their staff. There then I will organize afternoon meetings with them for two consecutive weeks and collect their views mainly through interviews and the questionnaire I will request them to feel.

These participants will help me answer my question. For first the managers are the once concerned with the implementation of whatever concept they choose to employ in boosting professionalism and good behavior. For second the employees are the once affected by the implementation of these programs, so trying to get their views on whether they think they are satisfied with the programs their seniors' are employing will give one a more realistic explanation.

I will start my interviews as from January 1st 2011 with the managers. The first week I will interview the public relations manager, followed by the Human Relation Managers. There after I will get the views of both the affected employees and the support staff. I will use the first two weeks in interviewing at least ten employees from each airline and get them feel the questionnaires I will have prepared. There on I will interview two customer from each airline for the following one week as they feel in the questionnaires in the process. In conclusion I will take one month to do my research and come up with the conclusion.

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Theoretical Framework

I will base my research mainly on the perspective of both the managers, staff and some customers to see if they have benefited form the programs in terms of the service they are given. I will compare and contrast the views of managers to those of both staff and customers. Through that I will be able to establish whether there is any conflict of interest or whether both of the parties are reading on the same page.

I will conduct a literature review on the two Procedures of natural justice and fairness. I will then interview the managers from Human Resource and the public relations manager. I will then interview at the same time request both the customers to feel in the questionnaires I will have prepared. I will then interpret my collective research and through that state firmly the programs each firm has successfully employed and the benefits and what can be learnt by other service industries.

I will prepare my proposal during the first week of January, and then finish my literature review in the next week. I will then interview the managers in the third week of the same month, followed by the feeling in of the Questionnaire and interviewing of the staff for the following two weeks. I will then finish by interviewing and letting them both feel the questionnaires in the final week. I will come up with my conclusion in the second week of February and present it in the following week.

The main limitations I expect to encounter are the fact that no firm is willing to disclose the strategies they employee for they are afraid of their competitors. Also being an outsider and that may prevent me from getting the whole information from the managers in particular. Also the time allocated for the interviews and feeling in the questionnaire is too little based on the fact that I am a student. Also the time constraints have limited me to not include other shareholders and the neighboring environments.

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