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There is an increasing notion that is being spread through out the world today indicating that there are reduced cases of racism and racial discrimination in the world today. But according to the thorough research and observations that have been conducted on this issue it is evidently clear that racism still exists and it is here to stay with us. In order for the issue to be completely eliminated from the face of the earth all the people should employs a lot of efforts that will ensure the vice is completely discouraged in the world.

This paper will highlight on some of the evidence that show how   race are still in existence in the world today; despite the increased debates and sensitizations campaigns that were spread  to the public on the negative effects of racism to an individuals life.

Racism is defined as a belief of an individual that aims at stating, suggesting or indicating that an individual from one ethnic group possesses the best cultural or behavioral practices and beliefs that are superior to the ethnical/ racial practices around them. Thus imposing a lot of control on the others who aren't from there racial groups into following there beliefs (Sperling, p.3). And in the process of imposing others to follow their practices it result to racial discrimination that to some point makes an individual be denied human rights, benefits or even receive ill treatment from the other group of people.

Therefore after identifying what Racism is the paper will go to the next point of showing the different forms of racism and how these forms of racism affects the individuals. At the same time it will highlight on how these forms of racism have disguised itself in different corners of the world; despite the increased debates and sensitizations from Human Right Activists and other Non Governmental Organizations on the negative effects of Racism to our community.

The Different Forms of Racism

The different forms of Racism includes Open, Violent and Covert racism which are all classified as a kind of hatred towards a given group of people. It should be noted that all these types of racism are subjected towards the promoting of hatred and persecution of people who don't belong to their ethnic groups' thus promoting racism in the world.

Open racism is the form of racial discrimination where an individual expresses their racial discrimination through words and thoughts; this is whether an individual will utter of send their racial discrimination through persuasions to the others the utterances will result to some hatred to the other people who hear the messages. This will ultimately result to hatred amongst these individuals from the other racial groups (Studyworld, para.2). This form racial discrimination is basically spread by word of mouth this is when the individual will insight there listeners on the possible reasons of hating the other people from these groups.

The open form of Racism is seen as a negative form of racial discrimination this is because it is a weapon that is used by politicians and other individuals to disturb the peace of the society; as it results to violence and complete commotion in the society. It is also seen as a very illegal crime and any one who is caught in this will be subjected to hefty jail sentences as a result of this act (Sperling, p.15). The cases of open racism aren't much in practice today but it is reported in some cases an example is when a person admits openly that they hate a certain individual; this is because of the individual's ethnical background. For example; as was the case of my brother who was confronted by a middle aged man in the train station and verbally attacked my brother for being an Asian and went to the point of openly telling him his negative attitudes about the Asians.

Violent racism is a form of racial discrimination that is spread through the use of violence, fear and pure hate speech where an individual will conduct his/ her racial discrimination by the use of violence. This is by attacking the opponent physical or even destruction of the individual's property as a way of showing their hate for there ethical background.

The first amendments of the American constitution discouraged the use of violent racism as it resulted to the death of innocent individuals in America and at the same time it posed a lot of tension in the society. This is because it restricted the freedom of movement of individuals this is when it restricted an individual to go to some places that contained people from a different ethnical group as his/her; this is because the individual will be physically attacked for trace pass, despite the constitution terming it as illegal the vice was still going on in America (Sperling, p.8). In the recent past there were increased cases of racism have been encountered in the world over apart from the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) attacks on the blacks living in America; but in South Africa is also on records for providing a good example of violent attacks this is when the Blacks  were openly attacked by the White farmers.

Covert racism is where an unconsciously engages in a racial discrimination action; thus an individual will end up indulging in an activity that will be showing indirectly that he /she is a racist (Studyworld, para.3). This is a result of disguising the racism nature of individual this is because racial discrimination is termed as illegal and they will opt to hide there racism nature as way of showing their discriminative nature.

This is the most common type of racial discrimination that is being experienced in the world today; despite the advanced technological improvement that has resulted to globalization and some races have termed themselves as superior than others and wouldn't want to receive any type of competition from the other racial groups. An example is when an individual turns down an offered of a life time that is being offered to just because the individual is from an ethnical group or the minority, as they wills see that as an insult and wouldn't want to be subjected to that kind of disrespect.

In conclusion the increased sensitization campaigns and laws enforced to protect anybody from racial discrimination has resulted to a lot of contradicting information to be circulated around indicating that racial discrimination cases in the world is on the decrease (Studyworld, para.3). That has resulted to the change of tactics by the racist today who aren't conducting it in an open manner this is as a result as of civilization of individuals. This has resulting to a more changed racial discrimination practice known as covert racial discrimination as individuals do not want to express their racial discrimination openly; this provides a clear indication that racism is disguised in the world and it is still here with us.

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