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Check Out Our Public Opinion Poll Paper Essay

A questionnaire is a research instrument that should consist of questions, which will enable one in gathering information about the desired subjects (Rea & Parke 2005). In this particular questionnaire, we are interested in analyzing the publics' opinion poll regarding the Al-Qaeda activities in the US. The poll will take place in Midwest to determine what the publics' opinion is concerning threat in this city. If the results obtained will identify terror threats, the government will be able to tell whether the city needs more supervision in the coming months.

The questions that I be posed to the public will question there knowledge on the number of terror groups one is able to name. The number of terror groups they believe exists in the US. Some questions will be specific like whether one can differentiate between Shia and Sunni. Alternatively, if the respondent would feel safer if the government was to monitor wireless transmission, patterns of life, financial information and the internet. The last part of the questionnaire should be a little bit challenging (Brace, 2004).

One would be asked if he agrees that, the government should monitor these areas of his live, then he would be asked whether the government should do it more or less. Finally, each participant in the questionnaire will be required to include his or her age, occupation, marriage status, whether they have voted or not and the class they believe to belong to in the society. Of course, I will be careful to appreciate each participant at the end of the exercise.

The wordings and phrasing of the questions in this questionnaire was strategically designed so that they are easy for the respondent to answer. Most of the questions should be answered in a single word, either yes or no (Bradburn, Sudman, & Wansink (2001). others would require a number like one, two, three, or four. The questions were not challenging to the Participants and most of them did not need further clarification. After reviewing the results in the questionnaire, I believe that politicians should develop policies that will empower the authorities responsible for fighting terrorists' activities.

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