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Upon the comparison of two groups of nurses, it became clear that training on chronic wound care management enhances confidence and preciseness amongst the nurses. For instance, the study indicated that prior to their training, nurses felt unsecured to address some of the challenges that accompany chronic wounds. They fear aggravating the physical and emotional pain that the patients suffer thereby averting engaging in procedures that they are unsure about. Additionally, nurses practice defensive strategies so as to reduce the chances of having to deal with medical malpractice litigations. In fact, prior to their training, over 80 percent of the nurses report that they would consider practicing defensive strategies, a situation which would consequently increase risks to the sufferers’ lives. Additionally, such practices increase the costs of chronic wound management, both to the sufferer and to the health care provider (Sussman & Bates-Jensen, 2007).

Nurses reported that they consider undertaking defensive measures so as to avoid jeopardizing the nursing career. According to the respondents, defensive medical practice is pervasive and widespread. Many nurses admitted to have frequently administered unnecessary treatments for fear of compensation claims from the patients. According to them, the inability to define the right factors that would facilitate effective wound management held them back. However, according to the respondents, training enhances preparedness amongst the nurses. As such, they possess precise awareness of the chronic wound management, a scenario which facilitates enhanced treatment as well as the preparedness to inform patients on how to effect chronic wound management from an informed point of view (Sussman & Bates-Jensen, 2007).

A single dimension of learning limits the ability to accommodate new information, and, consequently, lowers the ability to make sense of that information in a quick, accurate, and effective manner. For instance, if a nurse over-relies on written texts, he/she tends to opt for what is familiar. They, therefore, concentrate on the facts that he/she knows instead of getting innovative and adaptive to new situations. In this regard, as much as learning is proves to be beneficial, the performance of nurses is enhanced when they begin forming inter-professional teams as this heightens their level of preparedness. This fact enables the nurses to respond positively when queried on matters pertaining to the management of chronic wounds (Sussman & Bates-Jensen, 2007). Effective training as well as the engagement in inter-professional teams does prompt the improvement of positive response from 72.2 percent to 91.6 percent. 

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