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  • Angel is just some minutes from the central business district of London, making it one of the best locations in the busy city in terms of tranquility. This picture points the location of Angel.
  • It started as a hamlet on the wayside, grew to become village then to its current status of a district in London (Cutcliffe & Yarbrough 2007, p. 86).
  • From the city center, one can also travel to this place using his/her car because the journey will not be so long.

Before 1939: Water, Sanitation, Medicine, and Treatment

  • In Angel area, the issue of water, sanitation, medicine, and treatment was not well developed prior to 1939 (De Boer, K., et al. 2008, p. 4).
  • The New River supplies the needed water to this region and to other parts of London.


  • Walking, using carts, and horses. Horse transport is depicted in the picture below.


  • St Dials School in 1932

Sports and Leisure

  • The people who resided in Angel had sports and leisure facilities.   

Town Hall Edmonton constructed in early 1900s was a social place for the residents.

  • Angel Theatre & Sports Centre was also an important facility.

Health and Social Care Provision or Services that were Available

  • Sometimes, family members, volunteers and other trained personnel provided the necessary health services in those facilities (Cutcliffe & Yarbrough 2007, p. 87)
  • As depicted in this picture is a service provider.
  • During that period, the social care services were provided either free to poor patients or at a little cost to those who could afford the minimal cost charged.

Since 1939: Health and Social Care Provision

  • Focus on a care of elderly and destitute.
  • About 187,000 patients were recorded as permanently and substantially handicapped in 1955 (Cutcliffe & Yarbrough 2007, p. 87).
  • Some of the health and social care provision or services, which were available, include surgery, emergency attendance to cater for injuries, mental, and oral treatment.

1950s to 1960s; Towards a System of Community Care

The construction rate was slow due to various reasons

  1. Inadequate raw materials.
  2. Unskilled labor force.
  3. Financial constrains.
  • By 1930s, presence of high income areas in this region created influence in terms of determining the dynamics of the medical workforces in Angel area.
  • The research established the “developed countries’ on the foreign-trained professionals.
  • It was a clear indication of their own failed workforce policy and poor investment in the healthcare systems.

Demographic Data

  • Population of Angel in 1901 – 206, 100; Men 98, 822, Women 51, 984, Children 55, 294 (Dean 2011, p. 11).
  • Ethnic groups: 58.4% White British, 4.5% White Irish, 12.3% Other White, and 1.2% White & Black (Dean 2011, p. 12).


  • In 1902 1400 people contracted fever (Dean 2011, p. 12).
  • In 1924 2045 people contracted Cholera (Dean 2011, p. 12).


  • In 1933 1820 people died of tuberculosis (Dean 2011, p. 13).

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