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Individual Research Strategy Paper

A problem in my day to day life that I would really want to solve is procrastination. Procrastination is used to refer to the counterproductive postponement of tasks or actions to a later time. For a behavior to be categorized as procrastination it must be needless, counterproductive and delaying. From  a psychologists point of view, procrastinaion is viewed as a way of calmng the anxiousness which comes with tacklimg any task. It has been viewed that there are some kind of fears which are associated with starting any task or finishing it.  People postpone starting or finishing tasks because of the fear of the uunkonwn. It is the fear of the unknown because exactly what is feared is not known.

Procrastination has been associated  with the loss of individual productivity, stress, crisis and sense of guilt, as well as social condemnation for not meeting commitments and responsibilities. All these feelings make a signifficant contribution towards promoting procrastination. There are views that procrastination to slight extents is not a serious problem as such though it is claimed at times it becomes a problem and leads to hindering of the normal functioning of a person (Tullier, 1999).

Procrastination can be caused either by psychological or physiological factors. It has been reported that when procrastination is caused by psychological means then it stems from issues related to self esteem being too low and an inferiority mentality. It has been argued that proscranators have a tendency of being less pratical and more illusioned. It has been viewed that those who procrastinate are likely to wish more than take action. It can be said that they are more thought based than action based people becauase they tend to engage less into actions. It is clear that with this kind of attitude it becomes very hard to make any achievement implying that procrastinators more often than not do not utilize their potentials or talents. From the medical point of view it has been argued that procrastination stems from the cortex (prefrontal). This is so because it is reported that this part form the thinnking region of the brain which makes the decision. This region alos controls impulses from other regions of the brain and makes it posssible for the an individual to have some level concertration (Tullier, 1999).

Solving Procrastination

In order to solve the procrostination problem it will be important for one to analyse the causes of procrastination well. The fights that a procrostinator meet should be analysed well. Such challenges include fighting with low self esteem and having very low self confidence. It has been viewed that procrastinators often turn down elevated positions when they are offered to them. They feel inadequate to perform any task which they feel is at an elevated level and believe that they can not perform well. It has been argued that to the procrastinators tasks seem to be very hard to them. This might be said to be normal as most people have the tendency to avoid tasks which seem to be challenging and go for the one whoch are simple. For procrastinators however all the tasks seem to them to be hard and thus they will always want to post pone the undertaking of the duty (Student Academic Services, n.d.).

It has also been noted  that procrastinator view any task as time consuming and as such tend to postpone them to the future when they feel that time will be available for the same. At times procrastinator may use the excuse of lacking skills to postpone working on the duties till a time they would have gained some skills to enable them work on the duties. Though this might be true at times it is taken as an excuse especially when the task does not really involve a lot skills. This often raises from fear of failing to accomplish a task correctly (Student Academic Services, n.d.).    

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More reasons for procrastination forwarded  categorised as complex reason include the aiming to be perfect. Some procrastinator seek to be perfectionist and as such they will always postpone carrying out task till they are doubly sure of undertaking their duties and that when they will start working on the tasks it will be accomplished positively and in the right way. It has been viewed that at times procrastinators sets very high targets for themselves. This makes it very hard for the  procrastinators to carry start working on some task as they take a lot of time preparing to carry out a task. In some instances it has been viewed that the procrastinators at times desire do make completely perfect accomplishments. This further makes it hard for them to start working on any task that they face (Student Academic Services, n.d.).

It has been replorted that in most cases when procrastinator are in adminstration positions they tend to delay some projects from takiing off. This may happen becasu they are likely to take too much time ennsuring that the project will take place well and that everything is in its place. This often has a negative impact on the group members if the group leader is a procrastinator. It will also become quite hard for the group to engage  in activities which require quick decision making implying that the procrastinators will not form good group leaders especially for groups which will operate under pressure. It has been claimed that when procrastinators are in leading positions they are likely frustrate the whole group (Student Academic Services, n.d.).

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The effects of procrastination are far reaching. Procrastination interfears with the ability of a person to achieve his/her full potential. Procrastination should be be avoided to allow individuals to fully perfoorm well. It has been suggested that to overcome pprocrastination one needs to change the mindset towards the way he/she views tasks. One needs to have a postive attitude towards tasks. It will help to counter perfectionism attitudes. One needs to undnerstand thataccomplishing a task well does not necessarly mean perfectly completing any task. Procrastinators need self assurance to enable them fully participate all activities at the correct timing. This might at time require a procrastinator to seek the services of a counsellor. It is very basic for a procrastinator to realize that the he/she is the main variable who will determine whether a change will take place or not. It should be noted that the procrastinator ought to be determined to carry out the change and it is advisable to make the changes gradually. If an attempt is made to change at once it might be an uphill task as it is always hard to stop a habit formed upruptly (Student Academic Services, n.d.).

Having researched on the procrastination problem which I am experiencing it has come to my notice that I need to take steps aimed at reducing the level procrastination within me. I have understood that it will be hard and I will need to be focussed on ensuring that I overcome the problem. I am planning to do this by thinking positively about work and taking initiatives to work on the problems. I have also understood that there is a need for the understand that I may be frusted but will do all my best to ensure that I gradually over the problem of procrastination.

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