Life, just like any other thing, has both its positive and negative sides. People who happen to be on the positive side of life enjoy it to the fullest while those who fall on its negative side feel oppressed and bound by sorrows. Life also depends on how one makes it. This means that life only fall in either the negative side or positive side depending on how one shapes it. When a glance is taken back especially through reading of the ancient journals or historical books, it is found that some of the people we recognized and give respect to as our fore fathers or pace setters, tend to have undergone some of the difficulties that we were to be subjected to in the present world. The human race can go into extinction. In today's world, there are still those who experience such difficulties though they cannot escape from them because they lack ideas. This kind of life is the one people refer to as a premature death. If these words are looked into in depth, it is found that there are those individuals who lost and have always lost hope in life due to the kind of difficulties they go through.  Robert William Fogel is one of the people who is said to have escaped hunger and premature death.

Forgel as one of the people who were within the premature death bracket, writes an article that tries to bring out some of the difficulties he and other individuals might have experienced and how it impacted their lives. He categorizes himself under those who might have escaped or evaded a premature death. From this category that Forgel tries to class himself, it is therefore evident that a premature life does not necessarily mean a serious issue pertaining to real death cases but only a severe situation that can be compared to death.  Death in this case it used as a reference point to enable people to understand how severe and involving their situations were in the past. There are those individuals who still experience severe difficulties in life though not as much as it used to be in the past. Fogel tries to bring out some of the hidden issues behind the past events. Fogel's article focuses on those who still lead a miserable life. He also dwells on the people's health as he gives some of the dangers associated with these kinds of sufferings.

Fogel has written many articles or books basing their contents pegged on human life. He is also one of the greatest medical researchers who are interested in the good health status of people. Due to the suffering that some of the people are subjected to or find themselves in, he decided to carry out a research related to finding the issues behind human health at certain conditions in life. Some of the result he come up with, comprised of both positive and negative impacts in human life that in turn rendered his success in the field of research. Due to this success in his research, he won a Nobel and is now among the list of those who have received Nobel prices in the world. The results brought fourth some of the ailments or diseases associated with various categories of suffering. The results were mainly based on the conditions associated with this kind of suffering. According to Fogel, suffering is across various statuses, but the main suffering is still the subjection to poverty and hunger.

This kind of suffering mainly comes in as a result of famine. This is one of the great disasters that suffering people tend to experience. The diseases associated with famine are so severe in the sense that, they at times become very difficult for the medical institutions to treat. Due to these difficulties in their treatment a lot of research is carried out to find ideal and genuine ways of dealing with or curbing the whole situation. Fogel has also responded to this in his article, he displays some the dangers of hunger and how it can be curbed. In the past according to Forgel, people had strong immune systems that make little effort to withstand some of these situations, especially hunger. He also thanks God for having brought him to a developed state or country where the level of suffering was low. In developed countries, almost everything is put in position or the right position and this therefore reduces the rate of sufferings. It is for this reason that he has pity for the people in the developing countries keeping in mind that they are somehow still going through some of the difficulties. He considers these people to be facing intense sufferings in life as they are still in the road to finding a solution to some of these problems. Apart from Fogel, there are many scholars and authors who are still finding some of the solutions for the problems that human race faces.

Fogel is also depicted from this book when trying to thank God for making him to be raised in country with high economic stability. As far as his prayers are concerned, it seems as if his country does not fall among the bracket of those suffering countries. The kind of tribulations that some people go through, at times tend to be very severe leading to high death rates. These tribulations may also lead to the issues of refugees as people who will be moving to other countries or regions in the world to search for alternative ways of survival. According to Fogel, there are many things that can make people to live a miserable life apart from the normal suffering and hunger. Some of these things happen as a result of certain human activities and can also cause intense suffering to them in turn. Wars will make people suffer as there will be a rise in the number of death rates.

The wars here can be caused by various things depending on the how people handle some of the prevailing issues surrounding them. In the ancient days, people were subjected to different types of wars that brought about enmity within different societies. The basis of all these wars was poverty. Many communities struggled or fought for acquisition of certain valuable properties that can enable them to meet their basic necessities in life. Fogel also gives out some of the life experiences he shared with people with various authors so as to enable the spread of his message to the people. By this, he also wanted to create awareness on the kind of suffering that some of the people go through.

This book teaches people by relating some of the experiences of Fogel to a real life situation. The premature death as in Fogel's article, refer to all painful sides of life that can cause eventual death to some people who are not able to tolerate the situation. Fogel is said to have tasted all sides of life hence making wise decisions concerning certain difficult issues that need solutions. His whole life was a mess and he also depicts some of the strategies that he used to achieve his dream of escaping out of the situation that he was put in by them. The teaching in his article also gives a clear picture of what real life is supposed to be. There are various obstacles that are linked to human life that can prevent people from meeting some of their set goals and objectives in life. This book based on the life experience of Fogel, is also aimed at giving the readers more alternative solutions for escaping them.

The story mainly tries to find more genuine ways of getting the human race out of the impending dangers that they face in their daily lives. Human life is at times carried away by the freight of moments hence becoming very difficult to curb some of the situations they tend to experience. This is because, as more genuine or ideal measures are discovered, the degree of these problems also advances. Though it is a difficult task to find some of the solutions to these problems, Forgel who is also a Nobel laurite, brings it out in his article and digs deep in finding appropriate solutions to these problems. Forgel can be said to be having some respect for the human morbidity, leisure and longevity.

This provides the escape pace from apprehension concerning the issues of war, health care, and many pandemics. The term premature death in this case can also find basis from one of the noted economists known as Alfred Lord Keynes who said in that we as the human race, were dead in the long run. Fogel's article provides a view of the kind of lifestyle lived by various people over the last three hundred years. The article writer who is Fogel gives out some of the negative aspects of life associated with hunger and famine. He also gives some of the diseases associated with hunger. His article points out some of the malnutrition complications that are most likely to affect those fall victims to hunger or lack of proper balanced diet.

The book article of Fogel is updated with much information behind human lives hence can be categorized under very many classes of books. Various treatment methods are also given in this article to create awareness to those individuals who may fall victims to those diseases. He carries out these researches because he himself has experienced what life is with difficulties. Forge's escape fro hunger really reflects a lot of things on human life as it gives us the basic details of dealing with or going about the difficulties that we face in a real life situation. He acts as a pace setter to the rest of the people who might still be in the same situations up to date.  People are therefore likely to focus on some of the advices given by Fogel in the book because he was at one time in the same situation but managed to escape and seek refuge in another bracket of life.

From this escape, it is also possible for one to escape and start a new life that is full of joy and hopes. There are certain predictions made by Fogel concerning the conditions of the developing countries. These predictions are based on the economic status of the developing countries which he says that will develop in a hundred years time. Fogel compares the economic stability of his country to those of the developing countries. As a result of this long duration need to stabilize economic stability, fogel tries to find some ways of teaching the people in these developing countries what klieg is and the king of dangers associated with all the efforts that one may take to escape from these sufferings. He also depicts in his book that some of the difficulties are not to be fought physically but to be handled with a lot of wisdom.

Some of the facts that Fogel was trying to follow is based on the evolution theories that gave more detailed information about the past. As a research writer and analyst, Fogel makes his prediction for the future based on the comparison of the information he gathers from the ancient past; present world hence come up with future predictions. Fogel as a person fought beyond all sorts of obstacles in making sure that he won the battle of getting out of severe suffering that he had earlier on been subjected to by the prevailing circumstances by then. Fogel's life was cone of such miserable life that one could never ream of living as that is the reason why he termed his unfortunate pasts as a premature death. According too him, no one could have ever survive the kind of lifestyle he lived. Hunger was another thing that the writer Fogel was subjected to. This happened to be the serious part of suffering that Fogel talks about in his article. This can be proved based on the kind of researches done by Fogel.

The researches here are based on the malnutrition diseases that are brought about as a result of hunger. Hunger is also part of suffering because without food, one is most likely to face a lot of difficulties. Food is one of the basic necessities of man and even to all sorts of life existing within the earth surface. There are certain complications that may also arise due to improper balance of diet and these may also cause some complication to human life. This dependency on one type of food is brought about by poverty in that one cannot be able to afford various food types due to lack of enough funds. This being a serious issue, Fogel also brings out some of the steps one should follow to excel in life. Ways of acquiring job opportunities are depicted in his book so as to give hints to those who are suffering or going through some difficulties in life. With these hint, he believes that no one can be subjected to hunger as he will follow the hints and get a reasonable job that can sustain his life.

This is another proof that shows that Fogel really has that care for mankind and can do anything necessary in ensuring his fellows are always at peace with nothing hitting their minds. Fogel in his early life underwent a lot of difficulties that almost made his life and future bleak. Some of these severe life experiences, made Fogel to know some of the dangers in life and how life can at times turn out to be. This experience has also helped him in coming up with various articles based on the real life facts and how they relate. This book covers a variety of human activities and all that they entail.

There are cautionary word, real life teachings and encouragement words.  Fogel also takes a close examination of the human body. He brings out some of the scientific principles that bound some of the human body parts and also the dangers associated with them if not looked into properly. From this book, "Fogel's escape from hunger and premature death" it can be seen that the literal meaning of premature death has several meanings depending on where it is used and the circumstance in which it is used. The obstacles involved in ruining human life are some of the factors that are said to be the basis of the premature death as it cam be seen and related with Fogel's story.

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