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The chosen consumer segment for the purpose of this research is that of women, specifically those who are working professionals. The scope of working professional women segment for jeans is quite large in United States. Most of the working professional women range between the age of 25 and 34 years and they prefer wearing jeans which are multipurpose. That is; those that can be worn in and out of office. According to US Denim Jeans Market Report, 2008 editions, market size for women's denim jeans has been growing since 2007 worldwide (US: Denim Jeans Market Fraying at the Edges - Research).

In 2007, worldwide premium denim market was estimated at US$4 billion with women's segment increasing at 37% in 2007 as compared to men's segment at 34% (US: Denim Jeans Market Fraying at the Edges - Research). The size of women's market for jeans has continued to increase overtime and currently, market segment for women denim jeans is classified as the highest in terms of sales and growth. It can therefore be said that with the current market trends being recorded in the women's segment for jeans, the scope and size of this segment is quite big and it present more opportunities for expansion in the near future.

In textile-apparel industry, women are categorized according to social class (Loudon and Britta). These include upper class women, middle class women and lower class women. All these social classes for women portray same shopping traits even if their shopping habits are different. Shopping process for women starts with comparison of different products (Loudon and Britta). For instance, when shopping for a good pair of jeans, they look at the design, the size, hemming style, price among others.

For upper class women, the price of the product determines their product choice. They associate high price with good quality. Therefore, when they are shopping for denim jeans, they go to glamorous and high-status store. For lower class women, they prefer shopping in downtown since stores located in downtown are price sensitive. Fitness and comfort is the common shopping traits displayed by women of all social status (Figueroa).

Since our chosen segment is made of women between 25 and 34 years, there is a wide range of sizes. Many mature women between the age of 25 and 34 are medium weight; they are not obese and they are not low weight. Therefore, their sizes range between large (L) and extra-large (XL) in terms of waist size. For body length, starting from the hips to the ankle, sizes for this segment ranges from short, average to long.

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