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Background information

The study of virtual team and their technology involve situation where people use video conferencing and other telecommunication techniques to perform their duties in a different geographical area. This kind of work reduces travelling of the employees as they are stationed in one particular area and all the information they need reach then wherever they are (Cascio, 2000). It can also enhance easy communication with the management where meetings can be convened by the executives even when they are in the office and people in the field listen and view the way the proceedings of the meeting are conducted. This kind of team work also improves the competitiveness of the organization when there is a good balance and tradition (Kezsbom, 2000).

Purpose of the study

The core reason is to identify the best ways of making virtual work be the most appropriate though it has many challenges and to how to reduce misunderstanding which come about due to difference in culture and language.

Research questions

Is there too much misunderstanding and wide scope in culture and language difference? Why is communication essential and what are the reasons for time consideration in virtual work?

Limitations of the study

Availability of limited time as the work involved a lot of roles which consumes time. There were also non cooperative correspondents making the study to be boring and tiresome.

Delimitation of the study

The study is motivating as one need to know more about the virtual workers and what make it to have many challenges.

Impotence of the study

The study helps the learner to identify the challenges that come with new technology like video conferencing which is associated with differences in culture and misunderstanding in virtual work. It also makes the learner to be aware of the emerging issues when carrying out the study.

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