Congestive Heart Failure Essay

The following is an article critique of the Journal of Advanced Nursing in quality of life in partners of people with congestive heart failure: gender and involvement in care. This is a research that was done by the following: Marie Louise Luttik, Tiny Jaarsma, Ivonne Lesman, Robert Sanderman and Mariet Hagedoorn.


The research paper has been tackled by very learned personnel with various diversified responsibilities. These include Marie who is a PhD holder and a senior researcher in the department of Cardiology in the University of Groningen in Netherlands. Tiny Jaarsman is an associate professor in the same University working in the same department as Marie. The other person who was involved in the research is Ivonne Lesman who holds a PhD and a senior researcher in University of Groningen Netherlands in the department of Cardiology. The others are Robert and Mariet who both holds PhD and they work as professors in the same University but in the Department of Health Psychology.

According to the title that they have given their journal, it is not very clear and it is very long. To understand the meaning of this journal title one has to read more than once. It is not striking in the people's eyes making it be possibly ignored in most cases by readers (Louise, et al 2009). Though it conveys in fullness the message attached therein, it would be better if it were shorter and more striking. In addition, it if it were precise and easily understood, it is capable of offering knowledge to the targeted people in the society. However, according Lynn, Et al 2004 the study is well done, clear, variables that included 305 age and gender match individuals was well tackled, and a considerable population of 303 partners of people with congestive heart failure is capable of offering comprehensive findings and good conclusion.

Congestive Heart Failure Essay Abstract

According to the abstract that the journal offers, it is precise and conclusive. It offers different parts that are tackled in the research paper with headings and short summary about what the topic covered.

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Initially, the purpose of the research is well tackled having been explained that it is out to investigate the quality of life in partners of people with congestive heart failures. This was to be compared to people living with a health partners. Nevertheless, research designs are not well covered in the abstract and the research samples are given but not conclusive. Percentage differences could have been better showing different variables in the research as a summary. Because, the figures given that are 303 partners with congestive hearts and 304 age and gender matched individuals living with healthy people gives little details. Otherwise, having given out the span of time in which the research was conducted was credible.

The results that wee given lacked at figures in the abstract that is very important. By stating that, the difference was small is not enough, as one requires an overview of the whole research briefly? Otherwise, the explanation given is good and shows that research was done. According to Riegel, & Sebern 2009, the research, it shows the results that they came up with in a summary form. They show the reason why the quality of life varied strongly between male and females partners who performed care giving. This is the negative association of quality life that female lived as compared to their counterparts male.

Congestive Heart Failure Research Paper Problem Statement

The problem stated that prone research to be carried out was due to the alarming population that has an ageing group and the need to improve treatment of the cardiac diseases, which particularly was Cardiac Heart Failure (CHF) whose currently has become epidemic in western country (Sebern, 2011). The research brought the consideration of disease as a chronic one and the main cause of death of hospitalized patient with heart disease problems, thus getting to its detail through research.

The problem is clearly stated and according to the urgency put therein, that it is one of the main cause of death to hospitalized heart disease patient, it shows that it should be treated with urgency through an intensive research. Otherwise, they could have offered the reason as to why CHF is considered chronic in western countries other than in other places or else how the statement of the problem is capable of capturing even other places globally.

The significance of the problem stated according to the research and in the completely western countries particularly in Netherlands. One of the significance of the problem that has been stated is that most of the healthcare places take care of the sick but did not consider those who take care of them. Therefore, the research was meant to ensure that they get the impact that the CHF have in those to take care of the sick. The study discovered psychological distress to their partners who live with CHF patients. One of the main significance in the statement of the problem is the discovery of partners' effects due to them staying with the sick people (Jeon,et al 2010). They seemingly may appear normal at the look of how they progress, but the research discovered that they are the most affected as far as mentally part is concerned.

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Purpose of Congestive Heart Failure Research Paper

The purpose of the research was to investigate the quality of life (QOL) in partners of people with CHF in comparison to individuals living with health partners. The research was put to show how CHF affects the ones who take care of them. According to the writer, several studies done on the chronic diseases across the world shows that psychological distress has been one of the problems. It has brought many negative effects on the people who especially care give the patients who suffer from congestive heart disease. Therefore, the purpose of the research was well tackled (Jeon et al 2010). The use of the tables gave comprehensive results and ensures that the purpose of the research is well compared in different parameters.

The purpose of the research is well clarified. This is through the hypothesis that has been put forward to cater for the research. They had put a hypothesis that people with CHF would report lower QOL than individuals who live with health partner. According to the hypothesis that they put across was so direct and clear. Nevertheless, it puts a direct guess of what is expected. Therefore, this makes the study to look so much superficial. To ensure that the purpose of the research is met, investigation has been done in the role of actual involvement of the care, which generally neglected in most f the study. This makes the study strong and ready to extend the healthcare to the third party which most of the researchers has not been considering.

There is a strong link between the designs that the research purpose put across. With cross-sectional comparative design and a population that was well compared, the research design becomes well united with the purpose of the study. The problem with the design is only that they never used a sample design or otherwise did not state to test the outcomes before coming up with the results. Such test designs as quasi were expected top ensure that this is done. Other designs that would have augured well with the project to ensure that results that are approaching ideality are gotten are random control trial. All the same, the purpose of the project and design used are well connected.

Congestive Heart Failure Essay Literature Review

In the research project, relevant studies that are deemed to be discussed are all relevant regarding the purpose of the research. According to the topic that were discussed the covered well the purpose of the research. In addition, the number of the questionnaires that were distributed for research was a good number that brought enough information that is to be well analyzed.

Some of the question that was tackled in the review of literature is the quality of life. The way the study handled this is convincing. Having used the two measures that are medical outcome study as well as cantril ladder makes them to have good results. The selection of the data collection method was in line with the purpose of the research and it covers the selected samples well. The use of RAND-36 especially makes the data to be well validated(Louise, et al 2009).

In addition to the data collection used, it was very important to use the 36 items reflecting nine dimensions. Some of the dimensions are Physical, role limitation due to physical functioning, bodily pain, general health perception vitality, social functioning, mental health and perceived health change. This made the review of the research to cover most of the things that were expected in the study. This makes the study that was done to be relevant. The other justification that made the study to be relevant in the current generation is the use of most recent materials.

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Some of the things that uplift the validity of the research are the conformity that it has in various departments. According to the research, the involvement of the care was assessed using Dutch Objective Burden Inventory (DOBI). This renowned one assures good results are gotten out of the research. The studies of this CHF studies have been critiqued in the research for there is very little that is known. According to the research, partners who were involved in the research have never been before compared and well matched earlier with individuals living with health partners. This makes the real impact of the CHF on the partners not known.

In coming up with the literature review, refines were used to ensure that the review done is relevant. According to the references that have been used, there are some of them that are current while others are old and may give misleading statistics. A gerontologist journal that was written by Bausch and Sapid looks to be old and critically speaking should be used to offer materials that are to look differences that re required for this generation. This journal was written in 1989, from there three has been so many events that have taken place, and many issues have changed. Otherwise, most of the references that are used in the review of the literature are varied and up to the required mark. Nevertheless, the research gives a whole summary of the literature review a according to the way it is required with ethics that were to be used in doing research having provided.

The framework that has been offered in the research is explicitly expressed giving comprehensive study about the research. Discussion of the research has been done explicitly and among other areas that are supposed to be covered according to the research framework. Nevertheless, the framework that has been used is a little bit outdated. According to the research that has been used, it has used the right model that has been currently in position. The format that is currently in the position is the one that has introduction that has statement of the problem. In this, the research did not offer a more conspicuous formant. The other thing that ha is lacking in the introduction part is scope of the study, justification of the study, and research question in relation to the current research paper format (Louise, et al 2009). In the chapter five of the current research paper format, discussion of the results and recommendation are to be offered where recommendation is missing.

Congestive Heart Failure Essay Conclusion

According to the research that has been reviewed, quality work has been done. The purposes of the research has been well-tackled despites some of the problems that have been cited. Otherwise, according to the way the objectives of the research have been eventually met, the research can be adopted. Otherwise, to adopt this research the problems that have been cited are liable to be collected before adoption. In the limitations that have been covered by the research which include domination of the male to the research should be handled to ensure that the research is worth adoption.

The representation of data can be more understood by the rest of the world while represented on a graphical representation. This will help the researcher see the trend and learn on how to take care of the people who have been involved in the plights of the aftermath of caring the CHF patients. Otherwise, this is one of the areas that have ever been neglected on the research that have been done for many years. Therefore, having been covered intensively by this group, it offers a good footing for doing research on the issue in future.

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