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The National Hockey League, NHL, is an unincorporated organization operating professional Ice Hockey in Canada. NHL is currently operating about thirty franchised member teams with six located in Canada and the rest in the United States (National Hockey League, 2009). NHL is headquarter in New York and is the major premier association for ice hockey league across the globe. This association always draws very skilled and talented players from all corners of the world. Currently there has been an increase in the number of players from America and European continent. In this paper we will choose two teams in the NHL, after which we will write a SWOT Analysis and TOWS Matrix on them. The selected teams for the paper include Vancouver Canucks and Dallas Stars which have been performing very well in the ice hockey league.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks are a professionally trained Ice Hockey Team based in Canada, Vancouver. They usually hold their games at their stadium, Rogers Arena. The team is in short referred as the Canucks and joined the Canadian league in the year 1970 and became members of the National Hockey League, NHL. In the history of National Hockey League, the Canucks has won about eight titles with their recent being the 2010-2011 NHL Season. After very many years in NHL, the Vancouver Canucks has achieved a prestigious status a major team and a strong member of the Northwest Division of the WC, or Western Conference (Bedall, 2004).

SWOT Analysis for Vancouver Canucks

Just like any other organization or company, a team is required to undertake a SWOT Analysis in order to examine the major internal factors which might favor or hinder its performance. As well, the analysis helps examine the external factors which might hinder the overall performance of team. Such an analysis therefore makes it possible for the team to re-position itself effectively thereby making it possible to realize the best of gains from its involvement in the National Hockey League (Don, 2010). SWOT Analysis basically entails the study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats which might affect the continued performance of the team, or even any company.


The Canucks has many advantages such as proposition and presence competent managers who have been steering the team in the right direction.

There are increased capabilities ranging from prowess of players and competent management.

The team has a wide range of resources ranging from utilities, play station, and enough financial support to manage the affairs of the team.

There are a number of competitive advantages ranging from skilled players, increased support from fans, and acquisition of modern training practices.

There is also experience in the management, organization of events and communication with the public regarding the team's affairs (Don, 2010).

Proper management and handling of data to facilitate proper communication and interaction with the outside world.

The team has financial reserves which have been helpful for its implementation of new projects and developments (Brooks, 2010).

Increased returns from matches held for the league.

Currently, there has been increased innovative approach in training and handling of useful information, which has been effective towards the performance of the team.

The other important thing is the geographical location of the team. Based in Vancouver, this has made it possible for the team to effectively get support from the local people as well as proper environment for practice.

Improved policy procedures and decision-making has helped the team become a performer in the NHL league.

Frequent trophies and qualifications.

Acquisition of modern technologies such as Information Technology and improved communication (Don, 2010).

Proper team culture and behavioral approach in addressing issues faced in the team.

Proper handling of elections and procedures for management and succession.


Sometimes management issues have been marred with debates and disagreements thus impacting on the team's performance negatively.

The reducing morale of players.

The team has been facing a number of financial challenges and uncertainties caused by the current economic meltdown.

At times the lack of competitive strength cause increased problems to the team.

Lack of public support is usually faced when performance of the team goes down.

Some old models of communication and redress of organizational issues have been impacting negatively on the team's performance.

Poor leadership and cooperation among the players has been another big challenge faced.

Most of the processes applied in data handling have remained ineffective and hence the need for newer forms of approach towards the same.

Sometimes training and other operational procedures are supposed to be done with deadlines thus lowering the quality of the play.


Opportunities exist externally thereby making it possible to make use of them for the benefit of the team or organization. There are a range of opportunities that exist for Vancouver Canucks.

Current policies set by the NHL favor performance and engagement in the league.

The current economic growth will promote support form supporters and fans.

Changing lifestyles and patterns by individuals promote the team's performance.

Modern changes in technology and acquisition of Information and Technology will favor the team's involvement in the sport.

Global influences have helped establish new procedures governing ice hockey. This will make the game more admirable and worth playing.

Currently more and more individuals are turning to Ice Hockey thus making it possible to acquire new players from different corners of the world such as United States and also from Europe (Berchtold, 2009).

Presence of partnerships, agencies, and sponsors of the team will help in improving its participation.

Changes in season, weather, and fashion will also contribute to a lot to the team's performance.


From the above discussion, we have noted that these two teams in the NHL league have been facing different strengths and weaknesses which have been affecting their performance accordingly (Edward, 2008). In that connection, the two teams can adopt the presented TOWS Matrix above in order to address the weaknesses and threats faced in order to promote performance and also make it easier to perform in the league. Basically, the use of SWOT Analysis and TOWS Matrix can be useful in making sure a given company or team has improved its performance by addressing the major weaknesses and threats faced.

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