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The main idea being presented in the above talk, which was filmed at a TEDx event was organized independently, is a talk which aims at reminding viewers that no one is too young to change the world. Another main idea in Natalie Warne’s talk is that one should do simple things conscientiously and consistently and the world could be changed in one’s own little way (Warne, 2011). One of the questions, which interested me in Warne’s talk is, “Why is it that citizens in western countries seem to be eager in assisting while people in the East seem to accept and acquiesce to the hardships surrounding them?” One of the major significant statements by the speaker from the above talk is “…the idea that in every object is held someone’s life…”Basing on the above talk, it deserves a rating of ****** .

Nigel Marsh: How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

The main idea being presented in this talk is the fact that work-life balance is too vital to be left in the employers hands. Further, it points out an ideal day is balanced between personal time, family time and productivity, and presents some stirring encouragement in order to make this happen (Marsh, 2011). One of the questions, based on what interested me in this Ted talk, is “How do I exactly take control of my life, ditch work after six hours and stop my employer from taking so much of my life?” The significant question or statement by the speaker from the Ted talk is “…There are thousands and thousands of lives of quiet, screaming desperation who work long hours, at jobs they hate…” Watching the above talk, it deserves a rating of *****.  

Shekhar Kaptur: We Are the Stories we Tell Ourselves

The main idea being presented in this ted talk is the fact that each and every person has a story to tell but the problem is that we do not know how we can tell it because we spent a lot of time preparing or thinking instead of leaving the story to come out organically or naturally for the audience to understand it. It is also an inspirational monologue meant to unleash one’s inner storyteller (Kaptur, 2011).

One of the questions based on what interested me after watching the ted talk is, “How far does the universe go?” The most significant statement from the speaker out of the ted talk is “…in this universe and this existence …the stories we tell ourselves are the stories that define the potentialities of our existence…” The rating for this ted talk is good, ****.

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