Introduction to Market Research

The national Committee for Quality Assurance is a nonprofit organization devoted to fostering health care quality. The mission is to transform health care worth through accountability, measurement, and transparency. NCQA has been a core in the health system improvement; its seal is used by most of the health organization in their marketing and advertising strategies (NCQA, 2011). NCQA has assisted to create consensus around significant health care quality matters by cooperating with large employers, doctors, patients, policymakers, and health strategies to decide what is important, how to promote improvement, and how to measure it. Every organization must carry out market research to achieve their targeted goals, and NCQA is not exempted.

Market research

Market research of organization refers to controlled effort to collect the necessary information about the market. Unlike marketing, market research concern is specifically in regards to market. NCQA is a nonprofit making organization. The marketing strategies are based on luring sponsorship from recognized and credible corporations. These contributions support NCQA's mission and vision strategic programs. The other reason NCQA uses market research is to understand the health facilities in the region and apply good and appropriate measures concerning health care system.

Marketing research is a step-wise procedure, which comprise of numerous activities such as gathering relevant data, identifying the problem, and eventually analyzing the collected data for the sole reason of decision making by the senior administration. These are practices, which help NCQA to make an informed decision during their strategic management plans. It is crucial that the NCQA research team defines, understands, and identifies the challenges in its capabilities, as it implements all the subsequent actions concerned with the research process. Healthcare is a very essential issue in the nations and quality provision is paramount. Before the organization gives its approval to health institutions, thorough investigation and research must be done.

The most critical and time consuming to research is an application of research models, which give effective, and factual results. This helps NCQA to implement the mission and vision without challenges. This stage involves the use of feedback analysis, quantitative and quality analysis, and processing of data. NCQA monitors the health organizations under its mandate to ensure they do not violate health practices. NCQA quality Compass 2010 is an essential device for choosing a health plan, examining quality enhancement, benchmarking plan performance, and conducting competitor analysis. Use of Healthcare Effective Data and Information Set (HEDIS) as performance measures on importance health issues attract sponsorship also makes many organizations register with it. Part of the mission is to spread out work in quality concerned health care research. It endorsed agreement standards for ambulatory health care services.

NCQA has been using education in transformation of healthcare quality. It offers educational seminars to meet quality objectives, free online programs on relevant and current health care matters, and quality enhancement. In addition, education offers customized and standard corporate training on health quality related issues. NCQA's speaker bureau fosters its mission through informative and dynamic presentations this form of educational training are research means, which have helped the organization to organize their activities in a better way.

Involvement with state and federal policymakers and executive agency team has influenced its acceptability and credibility. The Public Policy Department functions to inform state and federal lawmakers on NCQA's agendas, and how they can promote health care strategies. A lot of policies are put in place by NCQA to function in harmony with state and other health related organizations.


NCQA has credible strategies, which have influenced it market expansion. Health care quality has improved very much due to NCQA inputs and measures. It has market research approaches, which are effective in its functionalities.

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