The approach taken by Malcolm X to fight racial injustice in America can be described as radical and extreme in some quarters while, in others, it may sound as heroic and the best. Malcolm X in his quest for justice to the black population advocated for what in most appeared as violence and further segregation and separation of races. As a matter of fact, it is not healthy to withdraw the oppressed race in the name of fighting injustice; rather, it would be advantageous if any strong leader and activist tried to unite the people instead. The approach he took does not show any requirement for justice but is more a calling to war or civil action by the victims of oppression. This is not a moral or moral approach in a civilized society led by a civilized leader (Terrill 25). The effects and possible oppression is likely in this case with the oppressing side sitting defense as the legal basis of conducting and perpetuating such actions. A more civilized and friendly way would have been the best option. Malcolm x is not right to take such a position.

The fact that Malcolm X wanted to attract attention and make him a name is something that makes one doubt the authenticity of his quest for justice. In the matters to Elijah Muhammad, he laments his inability to communicate effectively in proper English. He further sounds desperate citing his lack of attention like it was in the streets. This brings him out a power hungry leader whose basic interest was attention and recognition. This goes far beyond true patriots and activists of justice like Luther Martin Junior whose activities occurred as a matter of calling. They were selfless and had no much interest in fame. Malcolm X felt that he had to be heard over the radio, read through the print media and even get recognized. These qualities disqualify him and his interests for justice for the blacks. This further explains the reason he approaches the problem in such uncivilized manner. To him, it was a matter of attention and recognition and nothing else.

Malcolm X’s informal educational further proved he was dangerous than pertinent to the society. The education was acquired, not a will of the heart, he tried to acquire some status or class he had seen in someone else, for example Bimbi. He used the crudest ways of getting this knowledge and prowess in addressing the public. The feeling that he had attained status and qualities that others lacked, he felt that it was right for him to practice in inciting the public, in his confession though indirectly. It is clear that whenever he was inciting the blacks, he was practicing his ability in language and autocracy. He lacked the intelligence that needed to accompany his words. For this reason, he encouraged the blacks to cut ties with the whites in all sectors of life. In doing this, he showed total ignorance and lack of understanding of the society dynamics including the economy and its impacts to the people. In cutting the ties with the other races in America, the blacks were susceptible to more suffering. Malcolm X lacked this type of understanding.

Malcolm X being a former prisoner was furthers more a man with a dark history. This went on in prison where he struggled to educate himself. Although this can be considered as determination, the number of rules and the cunning approach he sued show that it was difficult rehabilitating him to be upright. He further seems to practice some of the street vices like sleeping for singularly few hours. In this context, he does not show characteristics of a leader who wants reforms but as a person who uses crude and violent way of doing things. He maintains the war like attitude and environment in reforms. He is not willing to rehabilitate the society by uniting it but he wants further separation by segregating the whites. This does not reflect the true spirit of reforms.

Malcolm X read and understood the suffering of blacks in the hands of the whites. He read how the whites had colonized the lands of blacks and the Asians. He deeply associates this with the spread of Christianity. It makes him appear to hate Christianity as a religion and its followers. He admits the shock he got after learning of these inhuman actions. The specialization he took to understand the reason for this may have been a legitimate concern for anyone with the interest of human kind. Malcolm, however, failed the different types of white people and their missions in the African continent. He failed to understand the different groups of the whites that had visited the African continents and the changes they had made (Rummel 45). The missionaries, for example, had brought such factors such a modern medicine and vaccination that had helped reduce infant mortality rates and death from preventable diseases like malaria and cholera. He failed to unearth all facts that some of the whites had suffered a terrific deal in helping the blacks live a comfortable life. His tutor, Muhammad further misled him by portraying Christianity as a false faith and all whites as evil. In this context, Malcolm failed to differentiate between the different characters of blacks and their actions. Generally, it would not be right to generalize and demonize a whole race. A legitimate consideration would be to understand that not all blacks and Islam are friendly, neither is all evil. It would be beneficial if he had taken the initiative of uniting the society and educating them just like he had been educated on the wrongs and evils committed and how to bring peace and harmony to all. His desire to revenge shows a barbaric leader who does not understand the fundamentals of humanity and equality.

Malcolm X created further segregation in the society when he set aside and avoided all the black Islam and their teaching. This happened after he went for pilgrimage in Mecca. In doing this, he showed that he was a leader who lacked position and principals and whose decisions were influenced by those he met. In this case, he may have been influenced by the Arabs who appeared to him more enlightened and sophisticated. This made him forget all about his people, the blacks. This was a complete failure which disqualified him as viable and reliable leader of the people at all times. (The Autobiography of Malcolm X)


In conclusion, it is evident that, during his days and life, Malcolm failed many tests that would have qualified him as a leader of the people who would be remembered across nations and races. He failed to show a high level of sobriety and sophistication. His approach left some hurt and in deep suffering. He perpetuated what he fought in other platforms making human oppressor in some ways. The segregation he practiced brought more hatred than love which most people needed. The teachings he got from Elijah Muhammad further played a role in further separating him from people with different religious beliefs and political views from his. In this context, many people whose aim is to see all people united and living together in harmony feel offended by his actions and dispute any claims of recognizing him, Malcolm as a hero, in the true sense of humanity, he was not justified to take such action.

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