The primary goal of this dissertation is to check the status of government computers and their websites to establish the incidents of crimes. Secondly, the research seeks to determine files and information that are mostly affected by criminals and establish which monitoring systems and programs those are present, and come up with immediate suspects that threaten the government's websites. The research will involve interpretative research involving qualitative methods to understand data collected during the research process. The main role of interpretative research is to establish the social and historical context to review how the current cyber crimes in govern met websites came up. The methods will include surveys and questionnaire that involve questions such as

  1. What was the status of the computers and the website at the incident of the crime?
  2. What were the files and information that were affected by the intruders/criminals?
  3. Which are the monitoring systems or programs that are present and what are their statuses?
  4. Who are the immediate suspects and why do you think they are the right suspects?

The research will include the validity of the problems and results collected through interpretive paradigm. Materials needed for the survey and interviews will be prepared before to make sure that enough data will be collected for the next stage. The third stage involves analysis and interpretation of data. In this stage descriptive statistics are used to comprehend data collected though surveys and interviews. Statistical techniques will be used to reduce the collected data. Lastly, there is the presentation and packaging stage. All findings are presented and packaged clearly. The findings should be validated in accordance to the collected information. The ontology of the research philosophy is that the real world study can be divided into small units and then reassemble them into complete discipline.

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