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This research seeks to investigate incidences of Internet crime. That is, criminals hacking into government websites. The study also seeks answers to questions, such as, what was the status of the website and computers during the incident? Which was the program or monitoring system present? Who are the suspects?


This research has utilized a comparative case study as a methodology. Information dealing with internet crimes is in abundance. By looking at previous researches and studies, this research ascertains questions dealing with hacking on government websites (Yar, 2006, 67). What were the files that got affected by criminals?

Research findings

For a better understanding of the research topic, hacking is a major computer crime, which involves gaining access to a computer website and files without permission. It is a crime done by experts in computer programming.

When hacking into government's website, hackers use the internet to gain access to these classified government information, or use government computers by gaining access to passwords (Balkin & Zarsky, 2006, 34). The statuses of the computers mostly, are utilized at the time of the crime. The LANVisor was the system present, used to view screens of remote computers. The system was in use when hackers intruded into it. After hacking, it is impossible for its users to monitor activities around the computer it serves (McQuade, 2006, 83).

The files intruded by the hackers were files dealing with top classified information, for example, government business with corporations abroad. This information is sometimes not supposed revealing to the public for security reasons. Therefore, hackers threaten the government with the possibility of releasing the information (Brenner, 2007, 52).

The study has established that, cyber terrorists hack into government websites (Williams, 2006, 5-7). They usually try to intimidate or coerce a government to advance their social or political objectives. They launch a series of computer-based attacks against the network, information, and the computers used in storing classified information. Such intrusions are also the work of foreign intelligence services who try to map potential security holes in the government systems (Paul, 1999, 200).


Internet crime needs reporting to the appropriate law enforcement authority for investigations (Fafinski, 2009, 54).  It is an act of crime, just like any other. More often than not, hackers have their own personal gains and interests attached to their activities, and want to sabotage the government.

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