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A research paper is an expanded essay that presents one's own interpretation, evaluation or argument. When writing a research paper, it is necessary to present an original discussion of the ideas that are supported using research. When carrying out a research, one needs to gather information and check it to determine if it fits and supports the research topic. Where information is to be included in a given paper, a writer needs to use specific methods to integrate this information into their research work. The methods that can be used for integrating sources into a text include summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting.

Summarizing is a technique that allows a researcher to in cooperate text source in their work. This technique works when one is able to note information from a source in a short and precise way that produces a whole picture of the source. When an author summarize from a source, he provide the main idea that their sources develop. Summarizing allows that author to make of credible information in their research paper. The use of summarization provides writers with a means of reducing volumes of information into a one-sentence statement that can be used in a research paper.

In addition, paraphrasing is method that can be used to integrate information into one's own writing. Paraphrasing refers to restating a passage in your own words, to convey someone else's idea. It also an active learning strategy which helps us place information into long-term memory as we move from an understanding level to an active comprehension level. Paraphrasing differs from summarizing in that it involves and helps to integrate the source material more seamlessly into the ongoing discussion as presented by the author. Through the use of paraphrasing technique, an author makes use of information in their own words but still retains the original meaning and context of the concepts derived from other readings.

Apart from summarizing and paraphrasing, quoting offers a means to incorporate text from other readings into one's own research paper using the exact wording from a source in quotes. Quotes are used to accept or reinforce ideas in a short and clear way while drawing ideas from a particular source of information. Sometimes, quotes are useful to call attention to a particular stance or contention with which an author wants to agree or disagree in their works. However, unless it is the actual language of a source that is important, an author should probably opt to paraphrase or summarize. In all cases, quotes should only be used for specific part of the source which has relevance to the research topic at hand.

Finally, when summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting, an author integrates the ideas of other writers making it possible for readers to see the source of the information. At the same time, these techniques demonstrate that an author has thorough knowledge of the subject that has been read, understood, interpreted, and organized inform of a published materials. It is imperative to let the readers know the source of different voices use in research work. Given the importance of these techniques in helping writer integrate texts into their research papers, do all writers make use of them?

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