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Launching of businesses and organizations in different environments or rather industries has proved to be a challenging task, both in the past and presently. As a result, businesses and organizations across the globe have developed various strategic approaches to deal with the problem of establishing their operations in the market. This problem is coupled by the challenges that emerge as these businesses seek to grow in a particular market or industry. August Karaoke Box is one of the businesses that face these challenges. This research therefore intends to examine August Karaoke Box's strategic realignment that would create or rather foster a growth environment.

Research Questions and Objectives

The research is expected to answers several questions on the development and implementation of various strategies in a business. These questions include;

1. What are the key areas that would need to be tackled in the implementation of the launching plan?

2. What are the risks involved and how can they be tackled by the strategies that have been formulated?

3. What are the market dynamics in this industry (hospitality industry)?

4. What costs are involved in the launching August Karaoke Box in this market?

The answers to the above questions are would assist the management of August Karaoke Box to meet various objectives in their strategy. These include;

1. To gain understanding on various factors that need to be implemented for a successful launch August Karaoke Box in this particular market.

2. To develop contingency plans to either deal or avert various risks that would hinder successful operation of August Karaoke Box in the market.

3. To realign the business in terms of structure and organization as a way of preparing for the uncertain future. In reference to Barney (2007), the greater the dispersion of possible future values of an attribute of a firm or an industry, the greater is the riskiness associated with that attribute (p. 244).

4. To understand the approach that would be used in order to launch the business in the market and gain competitive advantage over the existing businesses and organizations in the industry.

Implementation Plan

There are various issues that would be tackled in the overall implementation plan. Note that the whole implementation plan consists of various tasks that would be executed under different authorities and leadership. In line with this, the tasks that would be the center of focus include factional tactics, action items, milestones and deadline, tasks and task ownership.

Functional tactics

First, there are various functional tactics that would need to be implemented. In this respect, the formation of various departments would be a prerequisite (Pearce & Robinson, 2011, p. 294). In line with this, August Karaoke Box needs to form the human resources department, the sales department, the administrative department and the accounts/finance department. The HR department would recruit employees who would take up responsibilities in various departments. These employees would be trained to empower them with various skills that are vital in accomplishing tasks in the company. Furthermore, August Karaoke Box would teach them the company's organizational culture.

The administration department on the other hand would oversee the implementation of various tasks as well as manage the overall operations of the business. This would be done with an aim of achieving 50% growth within the first quarter, 60% within the second year and 70% within the second year. The accounts/finance department would manage the all the revenues that this business has. As well, this department will allocate capital resources to various departments and operations of the business. Furthermore, the accounts/finance department would work on ensuring that every employee in various departments is paid his or her wages.

The accounts/finance departments would also seek for methods of acquiring the necessary equipments at a cheaper price because this business had limited finances. This could therefore be done through leasing of equipments. Finally, the sales and marketing department would account for the sales of the business on a daily basis as well as formulate marketing strategies that would increase awareness among the surrounding communities regarding the business. This department would concentrate in marketing the products and services of the company among students, especially those with a Chinese origin. Furthermore, the sales and marketing department would also focus on selling the products and services of the company in large volumes.

Action items

There are various action items that would be implemented to align August Karaoke Box to meet challenges in the market (Kossmann, 2006, p. 116). The following actions items would be implemented in the launch of August Karaoke Box in the market;

1. Renovation of the premises that will house August Karaoke Box.

2. Launch of the sales and marketing plan.

3. Acquisition of equipments

4. Recruitment of employees

5. Interviewing potential employees

6. Dispatch of appointment letters

7. Decoration of the premises

Milestones and a deadline

The renovation of the premises that will house August Karaoke Box will be completed two weeks before the launch of its operations. This will give room or rather enough time for decorations to be done one week to the deadline while at the same time allowing for arrangement and organization of various equipments in the business before it begins its operations. Launching the sales and marketing plan on the other hand would need to be done one month before the official opening August Karaoke Box. Note that marketing requires monitoring and evaluation of the response from the market. Therefore, it requires a longer period in plan as well as the actual undertaking of the plan.

In addition, equipments would be acquired two weeks before the actual launching of August Karaoke Box. This will give room for testing and replacement where necessary. By one week to the deadline, all equipments need to have been acquired and tested. On the other hand, the recruitment process of employees has to begin a month early prior to the launching dates. Those who are successfully recruited would be interviewed on the second last week to the deadline. Successful applicants will be given be given appointed ten days before the launch of August Karaoke Box and allowed to report three days to the deadline.

Tasks and task ownership

Various tasks would be undertaken by different departments in August Karaoke Box.


Task Ownership

Renovation of the premises

Administration Department

Launch of the sales and marketing plan

Sales & Marketing Department

Acquisition of equipments

Administration Department

Recruitment of employees

Human Resource Department

Interviewing potential employees

Human Resource Department

Dispatch of appointment letters

Human Resource Department

Decoration of the premises

Administration Department

There are various success factors that would determine the success of implementing the launching plan of August Karaoke Box. In line with this, some of the success factors include recruitment of employees, acquisition of equipments and implementation of the marketing plan. It is projected that the startup cost of the business would be approximately US$ 74,246. This will be followed by a monthly expense of US$ 4,891.

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